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9/11 - Confessions of a Media Ho
By Karen H - GH & AMC

Kendall is seeing the side of Zach that he normally conceals fairly well. Who can blame him, though, as he believes Josh embezzled #20 million from him. Guess Josh should have thought twice before giving his inheritance to the Miranda Center. But heck, as he put it, he wasn't supposed to be among the living, anyway, thanks to what Erica thought she'd done all those years ago.

9/10 - Katrina's Journal
By Katrina Rasbold - Off Topic

The trap of expectations.

9/9 - Each Day A New Beginning
By Maxine Bennett - Off Topic

Max has been on the road again!
9/9 - The Gourmez - GH

Break out the confetti!  Sound the trumpet! Play the Hallelujah Chorus!  The down, dirty, sex in a limo has seen the light of day!  Please have a champagne mojito on the house, not too dry, not too sweet, but full of punch!  Honestly, folks I was afraid this secret would never come out again.  Color me shocked that The Powers That Be were just waiting for a good moment to spill the beans.  After a year when everyone in town except Lucky knew that Jake was born in a leather jacket, I’d lost hope that secrets could be kept longer than a sweeps season. 

9/8 - Kathy & Carolyn Do the GH Spoilers
By Kathy Hardeman

Carolyn & Kathy give you their take on the GH spoilers!

9/8- Kathy & Carolyn Do the OLTL Spoilers
By Kathy Hardeman

Kathy & Carolyn give you their take on the latest OLTL spoilers.

9/8 - GH Spoilers

For the week of September 8th.

9/8 - OLTL Spoilers

For the week of September 8th.

9/8 - AMC Spoilers

For the week of September 8th.

9/8 - Kate's AMC Spoiler Commentary
By Kate Roach Brown

Kate shares her wonderfully acerbic, witty and wise observations about the latest AMC Spoilers.

9/5 - A Cynic Soaps Up
By Kate Roach Brown - AMC

Greenlee’s attitude about Ryan’s feelings provides a nice counterpoint to Kendall’s complete, utter and totally obnoxious obsession with them. If Kendall really has “everything I ever wanted”, why isn’t she spending time enjoying her own life?  My theory is that Kendall is more like her mother than she realizes.

9/4 - A Guest Column - AMC
Sandi Showalter

Sandy considers character growth, or the lack of it, in Greenlee Smythe DeVane.

9/4 - Soapbabie!! - GH
By Soapbabie!!

Soapbabie talks about Scott Baldwin.


8/28 - View From the Recliner's Edge
By The Daytime Diva, Belinda Ache - AMC, GH & OLTL

Oh man where has this summer GONE? Do you know what September is? It’s my one year anniversary with Eye On soaps! I know! It doesn’t seem possible, does it? I’m so proud to be a part of the EOS experience and I want to thank all the wonderful staff and readers for a beautiful year! Onward and upward as they say! 

 Not wasting any (more) time lets get down to it! 

8/28 - A Guest Column - AMC
By Mary

Some AMC prose to brighten your day.

8/26 - A Guest Column - GH
By Linda

Linda welcomes back Genie Francis

8/20 - Katrina's GHFCW 2008 Memories
By Katrina Rasbold

The Past Cast Review!

8/20 - Jack's GHFCW Review
By Jack

A guest writer reviews his experiences with the GHFCW

8/11 - CC's Soap Saloon
By Cindy Devine - GH

NOnononononononononononononono!!!  I'm directing this barb straight at your heart, Bobby Guza... You have trashed this show and these characters more than enough as it is.  You have turned the PCPD into nothing more than a cracker box full of goofy cartoon cops who couldn't find their way out of a paper bag, let alone to a crime scene. 
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