For the Week of Sept 8, 2008

Josh finally gets screen time but his story makes no sense. Even on the Planet Crack.

Josh admits he stole millions and millions and millions from Zach.

Actually, I am impressed with Josh’s multi-tasking abilities. Embezzling while also carrying a full workload as a manny is no small feat.

Josh is afraid that Zach may have him killed.

And yet, Josh is never afraid that Tad might kill him. I don’t know about you, but a person who has actually killed someone is scarier to me than one who hasn’t.

Kendall distracts Zach’s thugs by spraying them with “Bella.”  The guards start itching and acting stoned, allowing Josh to escape.

I made part of this up. Kendall sprays the thugs with mace, making it possible for Josh to escape.

Josh heads over to Erica’s for help. Erica then heads over to Zach’s office to plead leniency for her son.

I was wondering why Erica did not simply write Josh a check, and then I remembered the insider trading fine. I guess convicted felons are always haunted by their crimes. Let me rephrase, I guess convicted felons not named Krystal Carey are always haunted by their crimes.

Kendall meets up with Josh at Erica’s home. Kendall realizes that her brother is a deeply troubled man.

Maybe if Kendall had spent half as much time with Josh as she has spent worrying about Ryan’s well-being, Josh wouldn’t be so deeply troubled.

Kendall and Ryan help Josh escape. Kendall asks Ryan why is he wasting time helping her, when his time would be better spent breaking up the Devane/Smythe marriage.

OK, so the last part doesn’t really happen. At least I hope not.

Zach agrees to let Josh off the hook but only after Ryan agrees to take over the casino operations. Oh, and after Kendall agrees to have sex with Zach on his desk.

Josh is lucky he lives on Pine Valley, where being “let off the hook” is a figurative term. Over in Port Charles, being “let off the hook” has a more literal meaning. (see: Quartermaine, AJ.)

Zach tells Kendall she needs to focus on their family.

Ahh, I think I know how Josh accumulated the twenty million, he transferred a dollar from the casino funds to his account each time Zach told Kendall she needs to focus on their family.

Annie becomes more interesting every day.

Ryan makes it clear to Annie that even though he will always be a father to their children, they will never be a “family” again.

I thought Annie got that message when Ryan told her he was in love with Greenlee. Obviously Ryan thinks Annie is as slow as he is.

Annie manages, with Petey’s innocent help, to get bruises on her arms. She makes sure that Kendall, Greens, and Babe see them.

Kendall will state that Annie must have done something to provoke Ryan. Greenlee will run to comfort Ryan. Babe will be too busy whining about her mistreatment at Fusion to notice anything but her poor put upon self.

Annie takes out a restraining order against Ryan.

Is it too much to hope that the entire town takes out a restraining order against Ryan, causing him to move elsewhere? Thought so. Sigh.

Deciding that Greenlee’s mere existence is the reason for all her problems, Annie decides to get rid of her.

Annie is making sense. Ever since Greenlee returned, AMC has been full of problems, the destruction of Annie being just one of them.

Annie heads over to Greenlee’s penthouse, Adam’s gun in hand. Before she can accomplish her mission, Annie doubles over in pain. She makes it back to Casa Chandler undetected.

Well, this isn’t any more ridiculous than Janet sneaking out of the hospital, killing Will and sneaking back into PVH undetected. Never underestimate a woman with a psychosis and a plan.

Ryan confronts Annie about the restraining order.

Wouldn’t this bolster Annie’s claim that she needs the restraining order? Unless, of course, he confronts her from 500 feet away.

Seeing that Annie is in obvious physical distress, Ryan takes her to the hospital.

You know what I would love to see at PVH? Richie knocking Ryan upside his head with a bed pan. And not necessarily an empty one, either.

Other stuff happens, too.

Taylor doesn’t understand why Frankie doesn’t want to return to Iraq.

This could be good. Taylor and Frankie are definitely more interesting when they are away from Jake and Randi.

Angie asks Randi to help her convince Frankie not to return to Iraq.

I am confused about all this; does Frankie have a choice? It would serve Angie right if Randi charged for her services.

Jesse’s behavior makes Tad suspicious.

Considering Tad’s record as a private dick, Jesse’s secrets will remain secret for quite some time.

Erica doesn’t like taking “no” for an answer.

Unless, of course, the question is “Do I look old enough to be a grandmother?”

Here’s to another week in the Valley!

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