For the Week of September 1, 2008

General Hospital

Sonny tries to reassure Kate about the depth of his feelings for her. 

K:  “I love you except for the moments of limo sex with Carly,” (which you won’t know about until later this week) probably won’t be very reassuring to Kate. 

C:  Unconditional love it that I mean love only under the conditions of Sonny.  

Sonny and Kate’s carefree getaway hits a bump in the road. 

K:  Understandable since Sonny can only do maybe 5 minutes of carefree for every 5 or 6 days of angst. 

C:  Poor Kate.  She should have learned the first time around.  

Claudia figures out what really happened on the night the Logan died. 

K:  I expect to see a light bulb illuminate over her head and fireworks wouldn’t be amiss because she’s the only one who knows Johnny well enough to figure it out. 

C:  Now the interesting part is determining how much Claudia will terrorize Lulu because of it.  

Jason sacrifices his own happiness in order to protect Elizabeth – again. 

K:  That’s not a spoiler, that’s Jason’s way of life.  Oh well, maybe we’ll get a passionate scene or two for his troubles.  It’s been well publicized that Steve Burton’s been working out.  It can’t be just to wear tighter t-shirts. 

C:  SSDD.  

Jerry witnesses the depth of Karpov’s deception. 

K:  Since Jerry’s rather depraved himself, a little deception wouldn’t phase him.  No telling how big the deception would have to be to create a blip on his personal just-ain’t-right radar. 

C:  Does he decide it’s time to ‘one up’ him and show his truly depraved self or is he going to be more Jax-like? 

Jax moves back in with Carly. 

K:  The better to fight and bicker with when he learns about Carly’s carnal visit with Sonny. 

C:  Will he actually believe Kate when she tells him about the limo or will he decide to side with Carly?  Since he called Kate out on the set up lie last week, I can’t help but wonder.  

Tracey visits a recovering Lulu. 

K:  Yay, Tracey!  I’ve missed her.  It really sucks that when Luke takes off, she loses most of her air time. 

C:  Good scene coming, I’m sure.  

Jason and Spinelli try to calm a nervous Maxie who has just been summoned to court. 

K:  I wonder if anyone has ever timed how many words per minute come out of Maxie’s mouth when she’s talking fast?   

C:  Kathy, this is one of those characteristics that is likely true to the actor, not specific to the character.  I bet she’s been called on this by her family many times!  I know I have!  

Anna questions Robin’s reasons for not accepting Patrick’s proposal. 

K:  What’s to discuss?  Robin has commitment issues.  We get to hear about them for the next couple months. 

C:  Why?  Good Lord in heaven, let us move on already and not make the situation anymore frustrating, please!  

Claudia is called to the stand during Johnny’s trial.   

K:  Talk about a tough sisterly position.  We know she’ll protect Johnny, but if she tells that she knows Lulu killed Logan then she’ll lose Johnny.   

C:  Uh oh, this is will be stressful.  

Kate learns a shocking secret. 

K:  Only because she’s Kate.  The rest of us weren’t shocked at all that Carly and Sonny used sex to comfort each other from the overwhelming pain of losing Michael until he wakes up.   

C:  Poor Kate.  I’m really feeling for her.  I hope she moves on quickly.  

Jason is surprised by a new roommate. 

K:  I’m guessing that Spinelli invites Maxie to visit and bring her toothbrush.  My wish would be that Jason and Johnny become connected somehow.   

C:  Jason has a LOT of patience. This is should be interesting.  

Kate struggles to accept the news that Sonny cheated on her with Carly. 

K:  Kinda hard to live with the information when the people around her are shaking their heads and muttering, “Told ya so.” 

C:  I wouldn’t imagine Kate to be very accepting so I hope she doesn’t succumb to all that is Sonny and his power to change a strong woman to a woman who can’t survive without Sonny.  

Nadine’s defense of Nikolas lands her in jail. 

K:  I like Nadine.  She’s spunky and quirky and nice.  She should have her own sitcom. 

C:  I agree with you Kathy.  

Robin begins to feel the pressure of her friends and family who believe that she should accept Patrick’s proposal. 

K:  Standing her ground, doing what’s right for her - I’m all for it.  But since we know she’s going to say yes eventually, it’s hard for me to buy into this storyline emotionally.   

C:  Ditto to that one too, Kathy.

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