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All My Children Spoilers For the Week of September 8, 2008

Ryan tells Annie that he will be a hands on father to both of his children, but the two of them will never be a couple again.

Erica brings her relationship with Samuel to a halt.

Greenlee and Aidan sort through the relationship rubble after their fight.

Kendall uses pepper spray to ward off Zach's henchmen for long enough to allow Josh to escape.

Josh goes to Erica for help.

Annie plots Greenlee's demise.

Kendall begs Zach for mercy regarding Josh.

Zach is having none of it.

Josh leaves town with Kendall's help (and Colin Egglesfield drops to recurring status as a result).

Annie shows off her bruises to the Fusion girls.

JR wonders what Adam is up to with Annie and Pete.

Ryan is served with a restraining order from his wife.

Zach tells Kendall to focus on their own lives instead of everyone else's.

Ryan confronts Annie about the bogus restraining order, but ends up taking her to the emergency room.

Zach agrees to let Josh go.

Tad becomes suspicious of Jesse.

Annie's worst fears come true.

Angie asks Randi to help convince Frankie not to return to war.

Amanda asks Taylor about Jake.

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