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By Linda

                As I was watching Lulu last week struggling with her situation at Shadybrook, and later interacting finally with Johnny, I subconsciously started to compare Laura, and of course Luke, in those situations.  I have high regard for Julie Marie Berman’s ability to carry this storyline, although the summer’s “Lulu and Johnny on the run” was a big dud.  I was picturing a young Laura dealing with the breakdown and found some interesting observations.  Laura is also extremely emotional – she wears her heart on her sleeve, as does Lulu.  But there was one huge, gaping difference.  Laura was a compassionate, kindhearted person who cared about more than just herself.  Maybe when she was very young she acted immaturely, but you could always see the goodness in her shining through. 

                Lulu, on the other hand, has been written as a completely self-centered, selfish young woman.  She loves Johnny deeply, but could care less about anyone else.  Even Maxie, who admits she is selfish, has had a tad bit of compassion and caring seep through her exterior.  She adores Spinelli, respects Kate, won’t let Jason intimidate her and loves her family.    They will never be BFFs, but Maxie has made more of an overture of friendship than Lulu ever will probably. 

                I also remember Luke and Laura as being the must see, action filled couple on the run.  And they were really on the run – not stuck in a dingy apartment for two months and only interacting with two uninteresting minor characters.  Poor Johnny has been sort of written into a corner since he has taken the blame of Logan’s murder.  He can only keep his mouth shut about the incident and ask about Lulu.  Doesn’t make his appearances very exciting regardless of who comes to visit him at PCPD. 

There was something about Laura that just glowed – that beauteous smile, the tears at the drop of a hat, and the close relationship with family.  I am not really trying to pit one actress against another because there is only one Genie Francis and Julie M. Berman certainly is talented and has great potential.  I hate to say it but it once again stems from the writing.  The writers have Lulu totally focused on Johnny and nothing else, and that hinders the dimensional capability of the character.  If she is indeed Laura’s daughter and TPTB want her to remind us of her mother in days past, they need to give her some heart. 

                I look forward to the return of Laura – a little treat that should be a bigger treat with a longer stay- and hopefully she can not only help her daughter through her travails, but she can also help her to become a better human being.


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