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Scotty Baldwin

After the death of her husband, Lloyd, Meg Bentley moved to Port Charles in 1965, with her young son Scotty (played by Johnnie Whitaker, Jodi of Family Affair) and her step daughter, Brooke.
This was a family in turmoil, and among other things, the stepdaughter eloped with Meg's fiancÚ. Meg was fragile emotionally, which makes one wonder why Scott has so little compassion for Laura and Lulu.

Meg eventually met and married Lee Baldwin, a successful attorney, who adopted Scott and always tried to be a good father to him and gave him security in his home life. At one point, he even donated a kidney to a young Scotty, saving his life!

Scott's mother developed breast cancer and had to have a radical mastectomy, this caused her to have a complete breakdown, and she was institutionalized. (How ironic if she had been in Shadybrook) During all this sad time, Lee was always there for Scotty. Meg recovered, but was a very neurotic, jealous, insecure woman, and was sure every woman was after Lee. Including the brand new doctor in town, Dr. Lesley Williams, (Lesley Webber, Laura's mother) who was treating her. Meg had among other things hypertension and during a violent argument with Lee about Dr Williams, she suffered a stroke and died!  Meg was wrong, Lee was faithful always to her, but sadly, she couldn't accept the truth as just that.

Scott lost his mother, and Lee his wife.

Scotty grew up in the form of several different actors and the left town in 1975 to go to law school.
He returned in 1977 in the form of Kin Shriner, who is Scott! As much as Tony Geary is Luke, Kin is Scott.
Scott was still a good upstanding young man, out to save the world.  He got a job at GH, met and fell in love with young Laura, and after many misunderstandings, married the love of his life.
Of course, as we know, that didn't last and Scott didn't take it well at all, changing into an angry, violent and often dishonest man. He got himself into various underhanded dealings, during all this time, Lee stayed loyal to his son.   Lee had remarried, after getting over the shock of Meg's death,  to a lovely woman named Caroline Chandler,  who sadly was killed in an automobile accident. Lee was devastated, turning to drinking to ease the pain, but he eventually joined AA and got his life back on track and helped many others do the same.
By this time, finally, he and Scott were estranged, but Lee then met the lovely Gail Addison, a psychiatrist, and they were eventually married; still are and quite happy.  Scotty returned to Port Charles,  mostly to cause trouble.  He broke up Bobbie's marriage to Jake Meyer.  He was for a short time Jason's stepfather, when he married Susan Moore, Jason's birth mother and Alan Quartermaine's mistress. Alan had set up a trust fund for Jason and Scott wanted it. Susan died, and Alan took the sickly baby Jason home to Monica.
Scott had some good in him which came out when he married Dominique.  Sadly she was dying and their child, Serena, was carried by Lucy Coe as the surrogate mother. She was a beautiful, healthy happy child who seems to have turned out quite well, although off screen. Scott also discovered he had a grown daughter, Karen, who had worked for Sonny, dancing at his old club and for which Scott hates Sonny.  She was married to Jagger and moving away when he found this out. Sadly, Karen was also killed in a car accident. Jagger is back of course, on Night Shift.  I live in a deprived area and I don't get Soapnet, so I don't get to watch Night Shift.
And then of course, there was Logan, who seemed to have inherited some of the instability of his grandmother, Meg.
So this is Scott, a man full of anger and not always honest, and with a background of a Mom who wasn't always stable. If Laura had not left him, would he have stayed the upright honest young man, or would his other self have eventually come out anyway? One cannot help but wonder.


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