February 28, 2007

We got about another foot of snow last night, but from what I can tell on the weather site, we should be finished.  The sun is out and starting to melt the snow on the trees, so I am thinking we're on the end of this for a little while.  We are supposed to have temperatures in the 50's by the end of the week and rain early next week, so we'll see where it leads.

I got the car right out of the driveway this morning, but my left windshield wiper is totally shredded down to the arm and by the time I got to the post office, I had a really, really low tire.  After I finished the mail sorting, I went straight home and about an hour or so later, Eric got home and pumped the tire up so I could deliver.

We have lost about 6 mailboxes to the snow plows.  As I am climbing the snow mountains to get the mail into the boxes, I have to wonder if the clients will be climbing the same way to get the mail I put in there or just letting it sit.  

The boys didn't have school today due to snow, so they came with me and climbed up the snow mountains to get to the mailboxes.  They loved it.  Delena had school, but the buses ran 2 hours later than usual.

I have been rearranging the shelves and knickknacks and such to give the house a different feel.  I feel a need for some change.

I'm still cleaning "underneath" and trying to do a little more each day.  Slowly, but surely, I'm getting the house nice and B&G.  I thought I was going to have to fly Carolyn Aspenson out to talk me through it for a while there.  (I still might).

Now I'm off to clean!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Be Particular!

February 27, 2007

Whooo hooo!!  More snow fell and more snow is coming!  You wouldn't know it now with the skies so bright blue and the sun shining, but we are supposed to get lots more snow this afternoon and tonight.  The snow level is supposed to drop to 500 feet and we are at 4200, so I'm thinking we're right in blizzard central.

Here are this morning's photos:

Let's compare to the snow on the vehicles yesterday, shall we?

That's after a good bit of meltage yesterday too!  Here are some more:

My jeep is locked in.  Eric is working on digging the cars out.


This is the corner of my porch.  The mound is one of the snow avalanches from off the roof.  (Hey Kate!  See my pig?)  Yes, those are my Christmas lights, SHUT UP!  I LIKE my Christmas lights.  It's not white trash negligence.  It's decor!   Eric's car (to the right of the jeep) is also snowed in.  He's upstairs gathering his chi to go out for another digging out attempt.  He's grumbling about not having appropriate vehicles (I'm thinking he means the ones with flamethrowers on the bottom or the flying ones or something). 

The kids aren't at school yet.  One bus got stranded and is blocking our bus behind it.  If Eric gets the car out (when Eric gets the car out) he will take them on to school if the bus hasn't made it yet.  We're almost to an hour late. 

My house is soooo clean.  I love how my house looks.  I want to marry how my house looks.  My floors need to be mopped but with this much snow outside and kids and animals running in and out nonstop, it's pretty useless, so I'll let that one slide.

I went to bed at 11pm when All My Children went off on SoapNet and woke up around 3:30 from something, don't know what. Probably one of the snow avalanches was particularly loud or something.  Saw the fire was almost out and trudged out to the wood shed for a re-load by flashlight, checking well to see if any raccoons or bears or mountain lions might have decided to kick it in the shed to get out of the snow.

By the time I got the fire going again, I was pretty much awake.  Of course, NOW I'm tired as all get out.  I cleaned house a bit more (hence the "marrying clean" that it is now) and did some site work. 

Poor Eric is driving himself crazy trying to get the vehicles unstuck so we can get to work.  They are high-centered on packed snow and won't move.  Poor thing managed to get the chains on the car (which is what's bottlenecking the driveway) and gunned it and hurray!  The car moved well, but then he had to stop because another car was coming and lost his momentum.  Then behind that other car was the snowplow which delivered a giant wall of snow behind him.  He tried to gun it and found that he has a flat tire.  He's about at the end of his lengthy rope, poor guy.  Next we try the "run the house out to the driveway and hook the other end to the hot water heater to try and melt the middle snow" routine.  If he can just get out of the driveway, his day will be much better.

This is the stacking bins cat hotel I mentioned before and that's the superintendent, Creep, all curled up on the bottom floor.  They use the cat tower as a ladder to get into the "rooms."  If I were a nice slumlord, I'd throw a blanket over the back to block the wind through the holes, I guess.  The biggest drawback is that sometimes when they jump from the cat tower to the hotel, they overcompensate on the jump and the whole hotel goes flying.  Ah well.  Such is cat life.

Be particular,




Who I am:  I started my life as Katrina Marie Chapman and it was promptly learned that my beloved grandfather was unable to pronounce my name, so I became Kathy Chapman.  When I married my first husband, I became Kathy Humphrey.  When we divorced and later remarried, I was still Kathy Humphrey, but I started using my legal name with my new job as a preschool administrator and became Katrina Humphrey.  Then I married Eric Rasbold and became Katrina Rasbold.  Here, I'm just me.