The most amazing thing has happened...

    GH is once again, SOAPY and I am LOVING it now that we are done with the last disaster forced on us by TIIC (the whole kidnap Jax horror which I would not ever have turned on except that Liason stuff was happening, and even FF'ing thru those Jax scenes was horrible).  As soon as I saw Jerry stuffing the mousey faced one into a body bag, I was relieved, knowing now I could turn it on with a feeling of anticipation instead of dread.

    And how great it is right now?  All the good stuff is there:
    "I was afraid if he knew who the father was he would go back on pills."
    "I will do anything to protect my son."
    "I love you, though we can never be together."
    This is what soaps are about!
    When Jason moved in for that kiss in the barn, I slowly slid out of my chair and into a little puddle on the floor, Wow, that man has got it!  He is sexier in a shirt (yes, I said in the shirt) kissing Liz in a barn, than any other soap guy shirtless doing all that open mouth stuff in a bed.
    I yearn over Liason: lovers who can't be together, who keep messing up trying to do the 'right thing' (memo to self, don't be nice; doesn't work).
    Spinelli and his unrequited love are always comic relief, love Sonny looking at Jason to translate, or for that matter making Diane stay in the room to translate.
    Diane...LOVE this woman!  Oh my gosh, they really got this one right! She is everything she should be: gorgeous, funny, realistic and she yells at everybody indiscriminately when they need it.  Her admiration of Kate is so cute and in court, she had me laughing so hard.  Even Ric had a moment of being likable during that episode. Loving it, loving it!
    I love Sonny with Kate. I think is Kate is the best one since Brenda, except for all the Carlys. She's sweet, tough, feisty and totally out of touch with the real world, though I think Piff will soon take care of that! Kate's a keeper.
    I think its so funny that the Scoobies are moving in with Jason.  They keep doing that. He is like MOM. Do you realize this is the second generation of Scoobies to move in with him?
    And the bad girl, Maxie... she's so awful and so vulnerable at the same time.  Why don't they just let Flea be in a coma like Laura, and let the girls know so they stop feeling like second class citizens?

    Alexis must be all better because once again, she is obnoxious, oblivious and annoying.  If I were Nik I'd throw something bigger than a glass at her and now we have Nik losing it, good stuff!  I love the thing he does with his eyes when he is freaking out. Check it out next time.
    And now, along with all the richness of GH right now, we have the best BAD GUY ever, Trevor Lansing! He's got it all: he's sophisticated, ruthless, smart, charming and good looking, (I have to admit, he does make my liver quiver a bit) but all from that aside, I was hooked the second he removed the smirk from IckRics face!
    Scotty, what a joy he is. I wish his parents would come for a visit. Gail Baldwin could do some counseling while in town, as Lanie who seems to be the only shrink in town, is the worst ever.
    So, mob stuff aside... Tthey cannot kill Lesley, no no no, Laura at some point is coming back, and she is going to need her mother!  Kill off Jerry, who should not be there, instead!  He is just so annoying.
    Carly and Jax... I was loving that, but Jax needs to stay on the show for a bit.  They were light hearted and fun (want that back) and Jax, well, he thinks he fought the mob boss and won? What a surprise he is in for!
    The other stuff, Scrubs, Logan, Cooper, all there for whomever.  I have to  admit, Logan is growing on me.
    But it's all good.  They mess up, don't always make sense, never listen to us, but right now it's SOAPY!