From Fast Forward to Off 

I’m not sure if it’s me but this sweeps so far has been one big yawn. I’m in a unique position to catch all three ABC shows, or at least glance at them, as I move about the office each day but so far there has been little to make me behave “badly” and steal a few moments to be glued to the screen. In fact, I‘ve found myself working with my back to the TV and at times tuning out all together. Some days, I’ve even turned the set off in favor of my favorite CD or the shuffle mix on my IPOD.   

Could I be outgrowing my love of daytime? Is it outgrowing me?  


I’ve tried. I really have tried to care about the whole saving Kendall and/or the baby mess but its hard to become emotionally attached to a mother who lies in a coma spewing subliminal sarcastic remarks and referring to her unborn bundle of woe as “Spike”. I get that Kendall had some miraculous breakthrough, which opened her maternal floodgates but it was too little too late. I’m not invested. And no matter studly Ryan and Zack may be no amount of agonizing and fighting for her seems to pull me back into the story. And Erica? It’s not so interesting for me to sit and hear her whine to the court about her conspiracy theories or call Babe a bitch for the umpteenth time. That word used to have impact but it’s wielded far too freely on daytime these days. Heck, everyone’s a bitch!   

Then there’s JR. Poor bumbling, angry JR. Has there been a more anguished, STUPID character on daytime? How many times has he zigzagged from “I love you Babe” to “I wanna kill you Babe” and back again. Lord, spare is another Chandler/Carey Jr. reconciliation. It’s painful to watch not entertaining. 

Then there’s “Snidely Whiplash” or rather Dr. Greg Madden, baby broker extraordinaire. Guess he inherited the role of show whipping boy from David Hayward. How enjoyable it is to tune in and watch people continually spew venom his way on a daily basis. Not that he’s a nice guy but I GET IT already. Now will somebody please bust the guy? Sheesh!     

I do love Lily and Jonathan. They are the only thing I seem to enjoy on the show these days and I realize that we’re in store for a plethora of “near misses” in NYC before he finally finds her. Still, the performances are dead on and the romance is sweet. Love the modern day Romeo and Juliet here.  


‘Tis a shame. They had me for a while with the whole Evangeline/ Cristian/ Natalie/John quad. Then it lost momentum as the real couples formed. I’m as annoyed with Natalie chasing John all over God’s creation as he is. Cris and Evangeline are less annoying but I have a feeling that it’s gonna be a while before she has anything more on her mind than freeing Todd. I can’t wait for that to happen. This story with Margaret has dragged on forever and in the process I’ve lost any feeling whatsoever for that I might have had Blair. Stupid, dumb, blind Blair. Shame on them for making her so damned gullible – and for Spencer Truman? BLECH! 

Jesse, Tess or whoever the hell you are today, please SHUT UP! I’m really over the multiple personality struggle here. Enough is enough! I wasn’t a huge Jessica fan but I’m ready for her to resurface, kick some serious Tess ass AND get the hot Nash in the process (Sorry Antonio, but…) 

Sorry to lose Duke. He was decent enough but Kelly, <yawn> hope you got your baby out of the deal. Kevin? Forget what Clint and Vicki said. You’d better make friends with the nearest bartender. You’re gonna need it. 

One bright spot is Rex, Rex and REX! Love him no matter what he does whether it’s protecting Adrianna, sticking up for Starr or trying to patch up his relationship with Bo. He is the shining hope in Llanview right now . Thank God for a few lucky stars. 

I wonder if I slipped TPTB some cash if they’d bring Nora out of that coma. Pretty please?  


Confession time! GH is my favorite of the three shows and the one I’ve watched the longest so I can cut them a lot of slack. As an  “over forty” viewer I’ve had a ball with the sweeps stunt casting of Robert, Anna, Holly and Luke. They are obviously having a blast with this reunion and it shows. I have to commend the writers for adding some of the newbies to the mix, particularly Lulu and Dillon. Dillon has the same enthusiasm that young Frisco did. Do ya thing that the WSB could use it’s own young Spielberg? 

I realize that Maurice Benard’s wife Paula was the brainchild behind the pairing of Sonny and Emily and I’m sure she has vision. I get that Natalia or “Natty”, as the cast affectionately calls her, is supposedly the sweetest person you could ever meet. But I still can’t buy into Sonny and Emily. Ditto for Jason and Sam. Call it left over mobophobia but I’m not feeling a thing here. Manic or not, do I really want to see Sonny gettin’ it on in the backseat of his flashy new ride? Hell no. Albeit Ric and Alexis had a parking scene last year but it was cute. It worked because they were of similar age and recalling when they were both sixteen and we saw the awkward moments (followed by a waaay too short make out session.) It hasn’t been that long ago for Emily. Ask Zander, (May he RIP).  

Additionally, what’s up with the editing lately? One day they’ll leave me with a scene that I look forward to seeing the resolution of,  (i.e. Jason holding a gun on Ric in front of Sonny or Ric confronting Alexis at the clinic where she took Sam). The next day they jump to a whole new scene without letting us know how it resolved. It’s happening more and more and it really kills the flow of the show, not to mention viewer interest.   

On an up note, I happen to be enjoying the Sam/Alexis thing although I realize that not everyone is. Sure, Alexis can be overbearing and controlling but considering how Jason’s acting lately, “Pot, meet kettle.” I remember when Alexis first hit Port Charles; maternal was the last thing you’d call her. Since then she’s discovered a whole new side of herself and although she’s gone to unusual extremes to do it, she loves and tries to protect her children. Given both Sonny and Jason’s worlds and what we’ve yet to learn about Sam’s father (I’ll keep my deliciously evil theories to myself), I think I can let her neurotic, over protective tendencies slide.     

I love Carly these days and really like her with Jax. After the snore that was Courtney and Jax, it’s nice to see the Aussie alive again. (And the scenes with Carly and Lady Jane were hilarious!)  I’m also anxious to see how Ric pinballs between his downward spiraling brother and his desperate wife this time…     

Sweeps are not quite over. There’s still time for reprieve. So far for me, GH is leading the pack story wise. Guess I’ll have to turn the set back on and tough it out for the home stretch.                    

By: Trish

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