The Crossover Game

The other day a close friend of mine mentioned that most, if not all, couples on daytime dramas eventually recycle to find their way back to one another. Looking back over the years, I can see that it is true a great deal of the time. Although it leaves some fans who have long awaited the reunion of their favorite pairing ecstatic and hopeful, what about those who yearn for something new? What about viewers who visualize the grass as being greener on the other side? 

It left me wondering…  

The writers pair and tear apart characters all the time and we’re forced to watch their choices. Why not come up with pairings of our own? The rules are “there ain’t no rules”. You can use any character from any show daytime or primetime (but daytime is preferable). You can cross networks if you’d like but note in my round that I am primarily an ABC viewer. Also, these don’t have to be romantic pairings; they can be friendships or family relations as well. Hell, if you want to pair a pet with a new owner, that’s fine by me! (Wherever did Rosie the dog go?)  

What freedom! What room to dream! Finally we can envision what the writers may never give us. 

I figured I’d start with what is arguably the flagship of ABC Daytime, General Hospital. Ladies first, right? Wrong! Let’s start with the guys. 

Alan Quartermaine – Victoria Lord Buchanan Davidson

Alan would be a wonderful object of Vicki’s affection. After losing Ben and having Clint sniffing around again, wouldn’t it be cool to see a Lord with a Quartermaine? How long will it be before Dorian sticks her nose in the picture? After all two doctors do tend to attract…     

Dillon Quartermaine – Jessica Buchanan

What Dylan needs is a creative type and what’s more creative than a girlfriend whose personality changes to fit whatever leading lady he’s dreaming of at the time? 

Edward Quartermaine – Myrtle Fargate

Far fetched? Maybe, but wouldn’t Myrtle whip those Q’s into shape! 

Jason Morgan – Lily Montgomery

Can’t you just see Lily saving Jason from his bad boy ways? He doesn’t like to take off his shirt, she doesn’t like to be touched, it’s a match made in PG heaven.  

Jasper Jacks – Kendall Hart

Kendall is just what Jax needs to return him to his wily ways and there isn’t a hoop out there that she wouldn’t make him jump through.  

John Durant – Nora Buchanan

Talking about putting’ the DA in his place! I think Nora (now that she’s finally out of that coma) could be his ultimate match.  

Justice Ward – Evangeline Williamson

Lawyers in love! And just to spice it up, let’s make her related to Lainey… 

Lorenzo Alcazar – Lindsay Rappaport

We need someone to put the spark back into Lindsay’s eyes and bring back our favorite vixen. I think the suave Mr. Alcazar would gladly oblige.  

Lucky Spencer – Natalie Buchanan

Natalie has the spice and sass Lucky needs to bounce back from the recent death of his partner, Jesse. Can’t you just see the Jr. CSI-ers solving cases together? 

Luke Spencer – Krystal Carey

Partners in crime! There isn’t a Spencer scheme out there that Krystal couldn’t keep up with. I can just see them tossing back shots and planning their next caper now!  

Mac Scorpio – Brooke English

She’s everything Mac wants, intelligent, attractive and model mother material.   

Manny Ruiz – Janet “From Another Planet” Dillon

Come on! Do two more twisted minds exist? Imagine the carnage they’d leave in their wake. 

Michael Corinthos – Starr Manning

Okay, she’s a little older but what a coup to brag to dad Sonny about! 

Nikolas Cassadine – Adrianna Cramer

Just thought these two would be stunning together, all dark and delicious! 

Noah Drake – Julia Santos

A little odd here but both are suffering the loss of their spouses and I can see them sharing a little cool comfort for change.  

Patrick Drake – Kendall Hart

Let the games begin! They’d give “cat and mouse” a whole new meaning. 

Ric Lansing – Blair Manning

Ric has shown us his passionate side with the likes of Faith Roscoe (Oh, to have her back!) and a controversial but steamy one-night stand. It’d be fun to see him with someone who fanned those same smoldering flames and I can see Blair standing there ready and waiting with a lit match. 

Sonny Corinthos – Simone Torres

The age is right and her fiancée recently was killed and now she really has it in for Zach Slater, the man who would have been her father-in-law. Seems as though Zach maybe mob connected as well. (AND she looks enough like Brenda to get Sonny’s attention).   

Now it’s the ladies’ turn! 

Alexis Davis – Jackson Montgomery

Both come from aristocratic families and both are intelligent and well educated. Something tells me that these two would work well together. (Can you imagine Kristina having a big brother like Jesse?)  

Bobbie Spencer – Bo Buchanan

Pa liked redheads and Nora was a blazen-haired so obviously his son does too. Somehow I could see these two having loads of fun together. The ex-hooker and the police commissioner? Perfect! 

Carly Corinthos – David Hayward

Can you smell trouble? Can you spell H-O-T? Can you imagine the fun Carly could have with a big, fat vile of Libidozone? 

Elizabeth Webber – Jamie Martin

Just enough cad, just enough Martin and a budding doctor to boot? Bring it.  

Emily Quartermaine – Antonio Vega

He’s got the bad boy image she seems to love so much but he’s on the right side of the law and a little closer to her age. If she gets bored, there’s always brother Cristian waiting in the wings. 

Georgie Jones – Michael McBain

Two good, down-to-earth people who deserve one another. But could he keep Georgie’s interest? Hmmm… 

Leslie Lu Spencer – Nash Brennan

This little girl’s been lookin’ for love and Nash just wants a beautiful blond with one personality. Plus, the guy owns a vineyard? I think Luke would approve.  

Maxie Jones – John McBain

Replace one hot cop with another? Something tells me that John could help Maxie mend her broken heart. 

Monica Quartermaine – Adam Chandler

I think that Adam is capable of bringing out the Monica of old. Remember that spitfire of a doctor? Monica’s ready to wield a little Chandler power. 

Robin Scorpio – Rex Balsom

Can’t ya just see Rex dancing around Robin trying to crack that aloof Teflon exterior?  Can you imagine the two of them when he gets beyond it? I can. 

Sam McCall – Ryan Lavery

They’re both former con artists. She’s fit. He’s buff.  These two could create enough fire together to melt the polar ice cap. Also, it didn’t hurt to see Cameron Matheson in that tight “Team Monaco” shirt on ABC recently. <innocently rolls eyes>.  

Skye Quartermaine – Ric Lansing

Actually, someone else brought these two up with me and I admit I had to think about it. The more I thought about them, the more I liked the idea.   

Now that you know how the game is played, got better ideas? I’m SURE you do! Did I miss any? Am I way off base here? Tell me about it. I’d love to hear from you.   

Happy pairings! 

By: Trish


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