General Hospital Ramblings


I have been watching General Hospital for over 20 years.  I am so ecstatic to see some of the old faces of the heyday back on the screen – Robert Scorpio being one (soon to be followed by Anna Devane Scorpio)… Rick Springfield is still quite the looker.  I’ll admit I stopped watching when it became the “All Sonny Show” – it was the same story and you could stop watching for months… turn it back on and know exactly was going on.  I was really excited to see John Ingle return to the Quartermaine family fold (it was as if he never left) – I never quite warmed up to the Jed Allen version (not that he wasn’t a good actor – he just wasn’t Edward).  I am keeping my fingers crossed that GH can snap up some of the old magic that made this a #1 soap back in the “good old days”.

By: Terri