I just spent 4 extremely nasty days with the flu. You don't want to know believe me. Couldn't even watch TV till Thursday, turned on AMC cause Bianca is coming back soon, And I don't want to miss a minute of her! Unfortunately this involves watching (and hearing) Ryan, God I hate him! Kendall being an ass! Do you think she gets embarrassed having to act like that? Zach appearing in the room, looking inscrutable, that's pretty much all he does lately! Simone had a scene, and she was good! Otherwise it was all pretty icky. And that fireplace at Jack and Erica's new house really makes me nervous, check it out, the fact that I did shows how interesting their scenes were. Guess I was lucky, however, no LurkingDixie scenes.    One thing I have to say, they did some soapy stuff in that most scenes ended with a statement that could have meant several things, and suitable music played!

OLTL is, thank God, finally I guess coming to the end of the Tessica storyline. I know I'm in the minority here, and  while I try usually to be positive about 'my soaps' OLTL makes it really hard some days, I have hated Tess since the first 3 seconds she was on screen, I think it was the eye rolls that did it. Every time she rolls her eyes I want to just smack her. I was not a big fan of Nash either, but, I saw him in a live interview at out local ABC7 station. They just opened one of those street level studios where you can stand out and look in. pretty cool, and had all kinds of stuff going on. He was really cool, I was quite impressed with him as a person, so probably can now invest in Nash. maybe! (I bet those news people hate those studios, cant even scratch an itch now, even when the camera's off)

OK, only one more vent. I read there is going to be a tornado in Llanview that is going to change all things. My hope is that it will blow Natalie away and someone will drop a house on her!

    Now that's positive!

By: Soapbabie


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