If I Were A Muse Writer
If I were a muse, what I'd write about.
The look on Jason's face when Carly told him he should be home with Sam making a baby!
The look on Jason's face every time Spinelli speaks!
The look on Jason's face when he sees Soapbabie! (hey, its my muse)!
Alexis smoking pot.
Alexis trying to get rid of the smell of pot!
Alexis to Sonny when he knocks while she is smoking pot, "Sonny who?"
Epiphany anytime! I love her.
Emily making Prince Nikolas over into a regular guy!
Milo every time he sees Lulu
Lulu's adorable grin everyt ime she sees Milo!
Carly giving Milo pointers on how to win over Lulu and Max freaking out!
Sonny's new coffee house office, which has turned into grand central station, I like him not being lonely!
Carly trying to get in that office, with a steady stream of visitors cutting in!
The expression on Sonny's face when Spinelli was talking to him.
The expression on Spinelli's face when Sonny SPOKE TO HIM!
Yes Sir, Mr Corinthos, sir! 
Jason, Jason, Jason, sigh, Jason.
And now the show has a puppy!
Its all good!

By Soapbabie