Sage asked me to write a muse column, and I really tried. I feel like I let him down, but the thing is, aside from the fact I really can't write, no one would be interested, because I love GH. Right now, yesterday, tomorrow, always! I wouldn't be able to rant and rave and go on about how bad it is, because I don't think it is!

    Right now, it's so good that when they come on and say, "Stay tuned for tomorrow's previews," I am always surprised!  Because I have been so caught up in it, I can't believe an hour has passed.

    Over the years, there have been things I didn't like much, think IckRic for one. He still annoys me. I want to take Alexis' face in my hands and scream, "SHUT UP, JUST FREAKING SHUT UP!" but then she does something funny, and there you are!

    I find it amusing that now every time Sam enters a room, she is carrying a book that's almost as big as she is and I am sure, she will become the best lawyer ever, and the fastest!  But it's a soap!  So what if Liz became a nurse in a week and Emily was almost doing brain surgery and never has to study and can just leave whenever. If I wanted reality I'd watch ER (is that still on?) or that Grays thing that I see the ads for, but I don't watch them, because that's not what I want. I want GH!

    When its having a bad spell, then I just look for moments. There are always moments. When Tony Geary is on a show, there are moments. Just watching the expressions on his face, for example... watching Steve Burton do just anything at all! ANYTHING!  Every time he comes on screen, my day just gets better! I like Sonny! Can't help it, make no apologies! I remember when he went to Luke about Frank Smith and put his own life on the line for the Spencer family. I still see that Sonny. I see nothing wrong with Sonny and Emily being an item. She's what, 25 on the show now? He's what? 40? That's not so bad, I understand the attraction, He's the sophisticated, worldly man, with old world manners.  He stands up when a woman enters the room.  Even Nikolas doesn't do that anymore and he was raised in Europe! After the years of insanity with Carly, Emily must be like a cool drink of water in a quiet room. And she wants him!  I say, "Go for it girl!  I'd do the same thing, and you have made those dimples flash more lately than they have in a long time!"

    NuCarly4 is wonderful.  She makes me laugh and she even makes Jax almost...likable! Amazing!

    Luke & Tracy are a treasure.  Everyone is.  I just love the show, I am happy with all of them, and I cant find anything to complain about.

    Years ago when Stone died, I remember thinking, "Oh no!  Now what are they going to do for a story?"  Guess they figured it out pretty well.

    So, you see, boring, no one wants to read "happy only" vents. I can't right now.  For one thing, I am eating Easter Candy, (Did better than I thought I would.  It's been in the house for over a week! Reese’s peanut butter cups!) and I have that autographed picture of Maurice and Steve that Kathy Hardeman got me hanging on the wall over my desk.  That just makes me smile.

    I could go on like this, but I am sure about now, your face is heading for the keyboard in a Soapbabie-induced coma.   That's ok.  I just wanted to let Sage know why I never sent one in, and then I can stop feeling guilty. Hmm, and I think I also got a bag of Jelly Bellies.

   See Ya!


By: Soapbabie

Note from Katrina:  I got this letter from Soapbabie to explain why she had not written a column, as per Sage's public request.  I thought it was lovely, so I have posted it with her permission.

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