NO! NO! A thousand times NOOOOOO!
Spoiler warning!
Iíve been pretty patient with the sloppy writing, character assassination and things that simply donít make sense on All My Children. Iíve watched it faithfully, albeit shaking my head sometimes. But I figure that on soaps, it eventually comes out in the wash. After all, itís just a show, right?
Now itís personal.
I watched riveted while Zach sat by Kendallís bed vowing to do anything it takes to honor her wishes and make sure her child has a chance to be born healthy. I was a good sport here because ďtheyĒ said Kendall was only 28 weeks pregnant even though everybody knows sheís was pushing her eighth month when she went into her coma.
Okay, I think. Iíll go along with this. It doesnít add up, but itís just a show Ė and very soapy at that. So I get temporary amnesia and forget that Kendall conceived little Spike on Sept. 20. I get into all of Zachís tearful pleas for her to come back to him. And when heís carted off to jail, I really felt for the guy. He was ready to shoot anyone who tried to take her baby. He was willing to resist arrest. Risk contempt. Basically, risk years in prison. He was willing to die for that child.  ďI wonít let Kendall die without me,Ē he defiantly told Derek. And those scenes in jail. ďMy wife needs me. She canít leave me like this.Ē Zach (TK) said those lines with the most anguished voice Iíve ever heard.
So why, oh why, would it be more important for him to run off with Dixie to find Madden when, for all Zach knows, his wife is dying. He doesnít know sheís going to wake up any moment. He thinks she sacrificed her life for her son. And he wanted to be there above anything else Ė especially since Madden is no longer a factor in Kendallís life. Spike is fine, and Madden canít take him away. Dixie wants help in finding Madden. Thatís all well and good, but doesnít Zach have people for that? Why did they choose to mutilate Zachís character in such a way?
Why indeed. So Zach can be a suspect in Maddenís burial and/or murder.  I can fully believe that Zach is capable to torturing Madden to get the information. I can totally believe that he would kill the evil doctor. (Although I donít think he will.) But I can never, ever believe that he would choose to run after him when five minutes earlier he was frantic to get back to his wife.
Sorry writers. Youíve gone too far. Be creative and think of another way for Zach to be a suspect and still make it somewhat believable.

By: Sally 

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