And the Emmy goes to….
… No one from All My Children. Being a devoted AMC fan, I was disappointed that AMC received nary a mention from the 2006 Daytime Emmys. I can’t say it was surprising. The year 2005 was not the best for All My Children. I say that affectionately because AMC is my show. I’ve been watching for years, and I’ll continue to watch. Let me hasten to add it wasn’t the actors’ fault. That did a really great job with the material they were given.
Leven Rambin is wonderful. No question about it. Her day is coming. I really like her even though I get quite annoyed with her character, Lily. Bobbie Eakes is fun to watch, but I wasn’t sure her material was lead actress material. Nevertheless, I was glad she was nominated.
One loss that disappointed me the most was in the category of Best Lead Actor. Thorsten Kaye is one talented guy and he deserves a lead actor Emmy. I hesitate to call it a loss because it truly is a great recognition to be nominated. But this guy should have won.
Don’t get me wrong. Tony Geary is indeed a very good actor. And his clip was outstanding. Though I watched him in the early Luke and Laura days, admittedly I haven’t watched GH much since. But I still think Thorsten Kaye was the one who deserved the award. He’s an amazing actor, and I find myself growing more impressed with his acting the longer I watch him.
As much as I think he should have won, I wasn’t all that surprised he didn’t. One reason may have been the clips chosen. TK did an amazing job when Zach told Kendall he loved her. That was a good clip. It certainly was good enough to get him nominated. But the second clip that had me bemused -- the anguished goodbye to Maria. It was a nice scene, but did not showcase TK as much as it did Eva LaRue. The two clips together did not show the TK’s vast versatility.
Then I started to wonder. Can we really see TK’s true genius in a 30 second scene? His genius lies not only in the big moments, but the small, subtle ones that occur over time. The emotions he can show with a small facial movement or inflection in his voice is amazing. The scene where he confronts Janet about killing Ethan is a prime example of this as he described watching Ethan die. Other examples: How he can make a hokey line like “You are my queen” actually sound romantic. How he can stare at a gun and actually look like he’s debating with himself about committing suicide. How he can emit such different emotions from the same seemingly blank stare.
TK is consistently good with whatever material he gets. He’s outstanding in the big moments, and even better in the small, subtle ones. I really hope he gets recognized for his enormous talent.

By: Sally 


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