Well spank my ass and call me Sally. I don’t know when it happened -- I certainly never thought it would happen -- but it did. I like the character of Josh Madden. A LOT. Colin Egglesfield has done an outstanding job developing him beyond the 2-dimensional cardboard cutout he inherited upon his arrival to the Valley. The vulnerability, confusion, and emotional turmoil he expresses when talking about his dad (Dr. Greg, not Dr. Jeff) is beautifully done…his desperate plea to Dr. Joe and Erica to reveal the BIG SECRET was awesome. Watching him frantically trying to unearth, then revive his father was heartbreaking. The slo-mo and sweeping score only added to the performance. I could’ve gone without the Luke Skywalker “Noooooooooo!” but beggars can’t be choosers. The writers have done a great job (Sweet Moses, never thought I’d say that) in creating a character that has a wonderfully believable combination of Kane, Martin, and Madden qualities. He is tortured, conflicted, and somewhat lost. He’s about to be decimated and I for one can’t wait to see how it plays out. I also love that he taunts Nurse Keefer…I love that gleeful 12-year-old relentless teasing. I just hope they don’t put those two together. Ick and Double Ick.  

Speaking of Nurse Keefer, she just needs to go. With Jamie. Far, far away. Nothing against Sydney Penny or Justin Bruening, I’m sure they’re both lovely people. What I want to know is, who in their right mind thought these two had any chemistry? From what I can tell, it looks like Justin would rather be kissing a pile of freshly-squeezed dog poo than his co-star. I don’t know, maybe he just really loves his wife and doesn’t like kissing other girls in front of her. If that’s the case, they ought to hook up Jamie and Josh. They’re technically not related (right?), and their games of Skins hoops are a just a tequila shot or two away from gay porn. At least they have more chemistry together than Julia and Jamie. Good Lord. (p.s. If TPTB need an example of real sizzle, they should check out Nick and Phyllis on Y&R. We’re talking melt-the-screen folks…and all they have to do is look at each other.) 

Kudos to Ian Buchanan, whose portrayal of Dr. Madden buried alive in what must be a VERY stinky box by now, has been delightful to watch. Update: As of yesterday’s episode, Dr. Madden is deader than a doornail. I’m really sad to see this character go, actually. Buchanan was so good that I actually felt sorry for him being tortured in that box…poor guy. TIIC lost a gold-mine of opportunity with Dr. Madden’s demise. They had the chance to create a real villain, one that would be a thorn in the sides of everyone in Pine Valley, but noooo. Imagine the possibilities for outstanding DRAMA if they’d let Josh confront Greg about his “miracle” birth. But alas, it wasn’t to be. I sure as hell hope they don’t succeed in completely Martin-izing Josh…which means, of course, that they will. Bastards. 

Since they did kill him off, though, I’m glad they’ve turned it into a true whodunit. I have NO CLUE who the bad guy is here. My initial thought, based on the speech patterns, was that Jamie was the culprit. Up until yesterday, I was pretty sure I was right…but as Jamie was attempting to scare David (as if), I had second thoughts. In cases like these, it’s usually the last person you’d expect…with that in mind, my money’s on Lily. Oh fresh hell, what if it’s Terry/Thompson?! Hmmm…I hope they don’t screw this up. (They will, of course, but I can still hope, right?) 

Just a few additional AMC notes:

  1. More Di, less Dixie.
  2. More David, less Dixie.
  3. More Zack, preferably naked, preferably smiling. And if I can’t have Nekkid Zack, how ‘bout an hour of him holding Spike and smiling? That’d be good.
  4. Did I mention more Zack?
  5. More Goofy Kendall. I like her.
  6. More Jeff, less Jackson.
  7. And finally, they really need to rename Spike. Not because I don’t like the name, I do. I think it’s cute. It’s my dog’s name, in fact. And every time Zack says “Spike”, she runs to the TV and drools. On second thought, I’d probably run to the TV and drool every time Zack said my name, too.

By: Ria  


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