I am only 23 years old and have been watching ABC soaps since I was born.  My mom was an addict and as I grew up I became one too!  As I got older I remember that it was one of our favorite past times! Watching our soaps and discussing our views on them and if we like where the story was going or not.  We still watch all of them, however more often than not we tend to take “breaks.”  We get so tired of the same storyline repeating itself or for the longest time, the “Sonny and Jason hour” bugged us.  We would go for a few weeks before we would watch another show and see if anything was worth watching yet.

Don’t get me wrong…I fell in love with Sonny when he first came on the show.  He was the bad boy who in the end helped Karen get through her rape, Stone die in peace with Robin at his side.  He had a conscience back then! Even though he had his flaws he was willing to admit them!  He began a steady decline after the whole Brenda story where she betrayed his trust and turned him over to the police.  And yet…she still loved him madly! It annoyed us that he was so self righteous however we forgave him right along with Brenda!  He was tolerable when he was with Carly and it was much for the same reason…when he was a jerk…she forgave him and we could see why.  Now though…I have no pity for his latest dilemma! It says a lot about a man that can sleep with and in pregnant a mother and her unknown daughter!!!  Now…yet again he is loving up a girl that could very well be his own daughter…unless they have him aging much slower than his sons!!!

That is another problem I have with soaps these days!  How is it that these kids are growing up so damn fast and yet other characters that had many stories with that person don’t look a day older than their last scene together???  Michael is a perfect example!  He is the same person and yet baby Corinthos looks to be a 3 year old! If you age one child you should age all that had primary stories with them (I.E. SIBLINGS!!!!)
Also…what ever happened to true love for better or for worse?  No one seems to stay married these days past a year!  Why can’t someone fall in love and even when the other is being an ass they stay together?  We need more Alan and Monicas, Luke and Lauras (Even though she is no longer on the show you know Luke stills loves her unconditionally!!!)
They need to create a story line with all 3 soaps and stick with it. No more baby knapping on AMC (I’m getting very tired of that one!)!  Get on with the Natalie/John/Christian triangle and make her pick already!  Give the mob a rest…  I’m not saying get rid of Sonny all together…but give us a break.  Make us feel the way we did when Sonny first came to town!
Things I could only wish would happen:
* Bring Brenda back and along with her…maybe Jagger should return to reclaim her love and adoration! Antonio Sabato Jr was my lust object the entire time he was on GH and I would tune in to see him any day of the week!
* Give Liz and Lucky a story that has some meaning! They have GREAT chemistry together and I have always been a fan of their coupling! Show us that Lucky is a true Spencer and has that adventure gene like his dad!!!
* Reunite Luke with his daughter! I love Lulu and think she needs to have a tighter bond with her father!!!
* Show more Robin! I missed her and she is such a great asset to GH! She isn’t a bed hopper and still has morals unlike a few others on the show!
*Keep Nash on OLTL! He is a cutie and I like the fact that he is head over heels for an insane woman! Let Tess and Jess come together but realize that Nash is the one “they” want to be with!!!
*Jess gets revenge on the pervert that raped/molested her! I’m not talking a trial… I’m talking torture!!!  They can do that before they integrate, that way once he is dead she will not be punished for it.  Nash can help her!  Put the fear of God into any man/woman that is watching OLTL and has been thinking about hurting a child!  That is something I wouldn’t mind being drawn out for weeks…the perp's demise!!!
*Let Nat fall for Christian again!  The poor guy has worshiped her from prison all these years and never let that flame die!  John should go back to Evangeline and beg for her to love him once again too!
*Nora wakes up and Bo wants nothing more than to make her his wife again!!! She accepts!!!
*Tina Roberts (The original which I can't think of her name right now) and David! Enough said, I think!!!
*Tell Kevin no more pity party for himself!!!  He's not that noble white knight he thinks he is!!
*Paige realizes that Rex is her long lost son
*Rex then takes out Spencer for killing his mom  *wink wink*
Those are a few things that would have me tuning in nightly and glued to my set! It’s my opinion and as my mother says…opinions are like assholes…everyone has one of their own!  Thanks for reading!

By: Rhonda

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