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Sometimes the writers make me laugh – out loud.  No, I’m not talking about when Luke calls Tracy “Spanky Buns”, I’m talking about the silly situations they put the characters in!  Now, I know they didn’t mean to, but how many of you thought “No one puts Baby in a corner” when Sam was walking to Jason at the benefit?  I was expecting her to run into his arms and do the swan lift-thingy right of the balcony.  That was VERY un-Jason-like.  Let’s see, Sonny puts you in jail by LYING, you tell your fiancée to go to some bachelor auction (I thought it was to make sure she had an alabi because Jason was going to kill Manny) and then first thing after getting out of jail you go to the auction and meet her there?  It would have been much more realistic if he’d called her and told her to hurry home for some monkey-lovin’ on the couch.  While she was on her way over there, he could have told his troops that he was out of jail and that Sonny betrayed him and was dead to him.  Sam could have been shot at their penthouse. 

Speaking of the charity auction…Port Charles must suck.  There are only 7 bachelors – some of whom are married?  Come on!  Rick & Dillon are both married.  Alcazar and Diego are criminals.  Who would pony up for a ticket to that???  OK, I admit, Patrick & Jax are draws, but what was Liz doing there?  She’s married too!  I did like seeing Bobbie & Noah together. 

Oh well.  I’m also supposed to assume that a former Federal Prosecutor would rush into a house after hearing sniper shots?  Sorry, as DA of that town (city), Durant would have been much more effective on the phone yelling at the cops.  How embarrassing to have a Corporate Tycoon know what to do and yet a member of the local Law Enforcement did not.   

Is it just me or does the Robert, Holly, Luke stuff feel forced?  Stop trying to relive the past and let these characters move onto new, more adult personalities.  Why would Luke suddenly be into Holly?  And why would she let him?  Holly was, for all intents and purposes, thrown over by both of these men for the “loves of their lives”.  I wouldn’t be going back for seconds – especially since both of those “loves” are still alive.   

The girls getting drunk was a little forced too.  I mean Patrick is HOT, but ALL of them are fantasizing about him?  And all of the fantasies involve ripping off his shirt?  Also, I know we are supposed to want Robin with Patrick, but I saw more chemistry with both Liz and…surprisingly…Lainey (loved the couch).  I also love Coleman – have that man on more often!!!! 

How embarrassing was Emily drunk at Sonny’s?  I cringed for both of them.  So he’s in the middle of losing his business, his best friend, possibly his kids and his former mistress/almost mother of his child is dying and this is what he’s stopping to deal with?  He has only two bodyguards and is having them bring his drunk girlfriend up to bed and bring her a cheeseburger the next day?  PLEASE address the fact that this man is obviously going through a midlife crisis.  I would LOVE it if he would come home with a cherry red corvette convertible, dyed hair and tickets to a Black Eyed Peas concert.  Everyone would then let out a big “oooooooooooooooohhhhhh, THAT’s what’s going on”. 

I just wish that TPTB would have respect for their actors and the characters.  You have some powerhouse talent, with a TON of knowledge about the show.  Use it and them and and I'll keep watching (of course I'll probably keep watching anyway)!

By: Red

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