MORE Say What??

I posted a column called Say What and the response I have had was astounding.  So, I figured I’d do what all the movies do…write a sequel.  Hopefully, this one will be more along the line of Aliens or Teminator 2 and less like Speed 2. 

Say What?  Carly is even debating telling Nik about Baby John?  This from a woman who didn’t tell the father of HER child he was the father.  This from a woman who didn’t tell HER husband that he was a father for the longest time?  This from a woman who STILL hates Robin for telling about the father of HER child?  Because Carly suddenly does the right thing…Say what?? 

Emily is SO in love with Sonny (after HOW long together) that he can say he’s going to KILL her brother and she doesn’t even argue?  Say What?  Let me guess, she loves Sonny MORE than she loved Zander or Nik.  Say what?  If I was even a passing acquaintance of Sonny and he said he was going to kill my brother, I’d call 9-1-1 SO fast. 

Robert tells Robin she’s too straight-laced and she runs & jumps on Patrick?  Say What?  Hasn’t Robin learned anything?  You NEVER listen to the person telling you what’s wrong with your life (after all, NO ONE listens to Robin).  Instead, the poster-child for HIV Awareness, runs to her co-worker’s house without a condom and jumps his bones.  Then she’s offended when he says he has a condom??  Say What?? 

Un-Lucky takes 2 hits off a morphine drip after hurting his back and is now hooked?  Say what?  When I was in the hospital, that drip would only go so many times an hour and it made me feel like shit. 

Manny’s alive and holed up in some room with pictures of everyone…say what?

Sam leaves the apartment for the “quiet” of Kelly’s to study…say what?

Sonny is mad at Jason so he’s wearing dark colors again?  Say what?

Everyone drinks scotch straight in PC?  Say what?  Doesn’t anyone like a mixer or…vodka?

Rick is suddenly Sonny’s confidant?  Say what?  I thought Emily was the only one he could trust.  Maybe Rick should start wearing all dark clothes again. 

I find the fallout between Jason & Sonny compelling to watch.  This is all about letting characters play out strong emotions using back-story.  Stop throwing me insta-couples and insta-drama and I'll keep watching (of course I'll probably keep watching anyway)!

By: Red

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