Say What??

OK, I’ll admit that I “go along for the ride” A LOT with my Soap.  It’s like watching cartoons or action flicks…you have to be willing to suspend belief.  Sometimes it’s OK (sure Ahnold can fly a F-16 up to a building and pick up his daughter), but sometimes you just have to “Say What!?”! 

Now Jason’s an abuser?  Both Sonny & Alexis think so (maybe the first time they’ve agreed on anything all year).  Say what? 

Alexis overheard one yelled comment and now she knows that Sam is abused?  And she was around Sonny for HOW LONG and never called him an abuser???  This from a woman who married a man who chained a pregnant woman to a wall?  This from a Cassadine?  Say what??   

And Sonny (who I am just ready to KILL) now says that Jason is out of line with Sam??  Sonny said this?  Sonny said, “it seems to me that he's pressuring you into staying quiet. You don't even realize it. And he's pushing your buttons like he's pushing my buttons so I would -- I'll give up Emily, but I ain't going to stand for it”.  Say what?  Isn’t he the person whose first comment on finding out about the Alexis/Sam connection was, “You can’t tell anyone”?  Jason didn’t say that – Sonny did.   

Now he’s saying that Jason is out of control and controlling.  This from the man who had his “best friend” marry his first mistress and then have his second, pregnant mistress move in with the same best man??  He says that Jason is turning into a monster?  Say what? 

Other things that make me “Say What?”: 

  • Robin can operate?  Didn’t we learn that she went into research because she couldn’t operate due to her HIV status?
  • Baby John has black hair (then he must be Nik’s child, because Malibu Barbie & Ken (Courtney/Jax) are both blond).
  • OB/GYN, Neurology, ICU, Hazmat & transplants ALL take place on the 6th floor (which may be why the floor is so dirty).
  • Sonny falls in love with Emily and starts wearing white, orange & cream?  Wow, talk about changing for a person – he obviously fell so in love he went…clothes shopping?!  When?  He hasn’t had time for business, but he has a new, lighter wardrobe?
  • Jason & Sam ALWAYS fall asleep, fully clothed on their couch.  No wonder she hasn’t gotten pregnant.
  • Jason keeps his gun in a safe, but never has to punch the combination to open it?
  • Maxie is in charge of her boyfriend’s funeral arrangements?
  • Jax takes the kids from NY to FL, spends the day at Disney World and is back before the kid’s bedtime?  Maybe he bribed all of the attendants to skip all the lines, hired a helicopter to take them from the airport to the park – but he still had to spend 4 hours in the air. 

I just wish TPTB would try to slow down, take some time and make things JUST A LITTLE more believable.  If they do that I'll keep watching (of course I'll probably keep watching anyway)!

By: Red

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