Putting the Hospital back in General Hospital

It seems like The Powers That Be have been listening to the fans.  Finally we are not only getting ensemble casts presence, but we are actually getting to see why the show is called General HOSPITAL.  For a few years, the show should have changed its name to The Docks or The Penthouse, but we are finally featuring the Hospital.  Yea!

Not only that, but we are actually getting realistic dialogue.  When Jesse was shot in the park, I tensed up waiting for Emily to run over, push Paramedics out of the way and start saying things like, "We have a GSW here.  The bullet is lodged in his brain and his blood pressure is dropping".  For anyone with any medical experience, that would ring false.  A lot of us complained on the various boards about the lack of realism in these scenes.  Only in PC can you have brain surgery and have no bald spot/scar (Carly, Jason, Manny), have major surgery and be back to work the next week (Lucky, Jesse) or wear scrubs but no mask during an epidemic.  But these scenes - even through the surgery were written like they were on ER!  I loved it!

The whole Sonny/Emily "great love" is not ringing true to me.  I spat out my Tab (yes, I still drink Tab) when Sonny said he could trust Emily more than Jason.  Say What?  You've known her how long?  I mean we're obviously not counting the times you knew her when she was a teen played by Amber Tamblyn, because then sleeping with her would be too gross.  I know we are running out of eligible females for Sonny to bed, but there has to be better choices.  I would like to see him actually sleep with someone his age or older.  However, Monica and Bobbie are now out (unless he decides he likes that Mother/Daughter thing.  ewww).  Maybe Felicia?  He doesn't really have any six degrees of separation thing going on there.  I think I need a flow chart to keep track of how everyone is interconnected.  It's fun to do though - how's this - Sonny slept with Carly who slept with Jason who slept with Sam who slept with Sonny who slept with Brenda who slept with Jax who slept with Courtney who slept with Nick who slept with Emily who slept with Sonny.  Move over Melrose Place!

I love Carly.  Laura Wright has put so much joy into that character.  She's so fun to watch.  I love the glee with which she attacks Robin, makes fun of Sonny sleeping with Alexis and spars with Alexis.  Fun, Fun, Fun.

Speaking of fun - could I love Luke and Tracy anymore?  Do the writers write all of those nicknames or does Tony Geary make them up?  When he starts with the alliteration (Blue Blooded, ballsy, brunette buttercup) I laugh out loud every time.  More please.

I also want more Carly & Patrick, more Lulu and more nods to the past (loved Helena's picture).  Keep it up and I'll keep watching (of course I'll probably keep watching anyway)!

By: Red

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