What Made Me Like Her?  


I can say I been watching All My Children since I was born. All my eighteen years on earth. My mom even named me after a soap character. Quentin from Dark Shadow so to say the least Iím pretty much an addict when it comes to soaps all around. My most vivid images are when Erica Kane actually made a bear walk away by screaming her name. Or her wedding to Dimitri Marick! I was a fanatic for the show. One life came on when I saw Tea Delgado she was my first soap crush then it was Gia Campbell on GH that hooked me. But now my favorite Soap lady is none other than Amanda Dillon. Iíve grown to love her. So every week Iíll choose a special lady to focus my column on and Amanda just so happens to be the first.  

Amanda Dillon burst on our screens last spring as the new sexy vixen that would be giving Babe Carey a run for her money for Jaime Martin heart. But what we got was an over sexed tramp that the town didnít need. I actually tried to like Amanda, see at the time she was brought on I actually thought we need a bitchy women to rock Pine Valley and cause as much trouble in a good way as possible.  

But what Amanda did was really bore me. I didnít expect her to be the same little girl we had before. Change and evolution in any character is good but this was a radical difference in the character. Tim returned a few years back and said that Janet went back to one of her distant planets. I knew Amanda wouldnít be a saint. (That position was Lilyís!). But when I saw her going after JR and Jamie playing Babe I was frustrated. Maybe because I didnít like Jamie, JR, or Babe but I just couldnít get a positive vibe for the character.   

I knew that it had to be more to this girl. It was a lot more. We got the first glimpse of that when JR ran over Amanda. Janet returned (Played by the wonderful Kate Collins) to visit her daughter who was seriously hurt after the accident. Watching those scenes was creepy yet touching to see the roles reversed. Amanda was the adult and Janet was the child. Amanda walked on egg shells and was actually sensitive. Chrishell actually started to impress me then. Amanda still had some way to go before I started to like her again. 

I knew it was trouble when Janet came out to play! All the sudden the she was getting mysterious blackouts and all these mysterious accidents started I knew it was Janet. She became nastier to Babe for busting her about trying to drug Jamie but Babe wasnít her problem in my eyes it was Janet. All along Amanda knew that Janet was on the loose causing problems for our favorite citizens of All My Children yet she did nothing. I wondered why until they showed a flashback of Amanda promising Janet that she wouldnít send her to a nut house.  It was tender and real. I knew then that Chrishell had stolen my heart. I started to feel bad for the girl. Think how hard it must be to have to have a mother who for your whole life is totally normal yet at any moment you know she could go mad ruin your safe and stable life style. I was amazed that AMC pulled this out there hat. I loved the story and I officially love Chrishell for being a damn good actress. She had many stand out sceneís these last few months my favorite would have to be when she talk Janet into giving little A back. It was beautiful. Kate Collins and Chrishell Stause have amazing chemistry together as mother and daughter I for one canít wait to see more. 

So I blow my kiss to Chrishell Stause for making me love Amanda Dillon.  


By: Quentin Coleman

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