June 21, 2007

I might be the only adult that watches OLTL that actually doesnít hate Prom Night: The Musical. Iím getting a kick out of it because a) I expected it to be corny b) I expected some bad singing and c) itís funny as hell to me when people just break out into song and dance and everyone knows the words and the moves. I think I have been able to enjoy it because my expectations for greatness were low and for campiness were high and both have been met.  The best ďthrow reality out the doorĒ moment wasnít even from a spontaneous outburst of singing, it was when Viki was cleaning up Starr in the ER.  I would LOVE to know where Viki got the rag that magically cleaned Starrís face and dress perfectly and still stayed whiteÖI simply have to get one of those.  Another great non-reality element is Blair and Dorian acting as if this is Starrís only prom she will ever get the chance to go to when the girl is only in 9th grade and has three more Prom opportunities after this.  (Although this being a soap, Starr could be in college next year.) And no one at all thinks itís a little strange that Marcie is the only chaperone for the prom. These are the things that make me shake my head and smile. After all both soaps and musicals are all about suspended beliefs. 

I have gotten my expected share of bad singing and songs-note to Cole, go for the baseball scholarship- but there were some I really liked. I think the actresses that plays Langston and Brittney have good voices and Kristen Alderson did a pretty good job with most of her songs. I happen to really like Kathy Brier and Kassie DePaivaís  voices, so of course I liked when they sang.  I do think OLTL missed an opportunity though during the Chemistry song to have Michael be Marcieís chemistry ďpartnerĒ, but I was glad they let Marcie dress up in something sexy for that number.  There must be something to the songs, because  one of them keeps going thru my head and I donít even hate it. 

Another positive about Prom Night: The Musical, weíve seen a lot less of certain characters that were on waaaay too much- take your pick, Jessica, Nash, Adrianne, Tate, etc. (Unfortunately though ,we still had to see a lot of STFUMarty, whom I liked when she was played by Susan Haskell and could probably like again if OLTL did the right thing and begged her to come back.) Also, what adult isnít glad to watch this and Thank whatever is out there that they are done with all that high school crap. I am 37 and very, Very, VERY glad I am not 16 and in high school any more. So, itís nice to watch and know it ainít happening to me!  

Itís only on for a limited time and thatís part of the reason I can enjoy it. I know it wonít last forever, so I figure Iíll just roll with the unreality of it all. You canít say that about the other stories that sometime seem to go on and on without end and have very little in common with reality.  So for all those people out there hating on the Prom Night, just think we could have been seeing more of( insert your least favorite storyline here!) 


BTW- Totally off topic, but has anyone tried the new X-13D Doritos? They are so awesome! 

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