Iím just not digging this whole Evangeline being blind storyline.  Not that Evangeline isnít doing a bang up job or anything, I just donít like it.  Evangeline is so strong and I want her to stay that way, but I cannot picture anyone who has just lost their sight (what? 2-3 weeks ago?) having the physical and emotional strength to go up against the bad boys.  I think it is cheapening her character.  I want her to go up against the bad boys, full head on, with her sight.  I want her to get right in their faces, with fingers pointing, telling them how guilty they are.  A newly blind person just canít do that.  She should be dealing with the struggles of rehabilitation and the psychological ramifications of her injury.  One appointment did not make Helen Keller, well, Helen Keller.   

I was really enjoying Evangeline and Chris, but something happened.  Maybe itís the blind thing, Iím not sure, but I donít like them anymore.  Would I like to see Evangeline with Todd?  Yes.  I would love to see if there is real chemistry between these two.  I also would love to see Blair suffer for turning her back on Todd, especially since she is sleeping with the enemy.  I am glad the spoilers mention that she will get her brains back.  Theyíve been sitting in that jar on Spencerís desk for too long.   

I still canít stand Natalie.  She has made John a lesser character, as well.  I like the dark and brooding type, I guess.  I hate to say this, but Iím glad of the rumors that he may be leaving.  TPTB have ruined both of these characters.  John would make a good Cassadine on GH.  I was a huge John fan, but with Natalie, no.  Itís just not there.  Have you noticed that neither of them looks at each other when theyíre talking?  I noticed this when they were in bed last week.  Natalie will look at John when John is talking, and John will look at Nat when she is talking, but they donít look back at each other.  Natalieís eyes were everywhere but on John when she was blabbing away in that bed.  Same with John.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Maybe Iím drinking too many beers when Iím watching.  Who knows.  All I know is these two just donít have ďitĒ.   

Canít stand Antonio either.  Why did they renew his contract and mess with the fun characters like Roxy and RJ?  RJ is the bad boy you just have to love.  I love when he is scheming.  I hate when Antonio is scheming.  Like when he pulled that crap on RJ during the custody trial for Jamie.  Why is it that I would have rooted for RJ if he did that, but not Antonio?  Because Antonio doesnít deserve to have that child, thatís why.  RJ does.  Plus, Antonio is a putz.   

Roxy is way too much fun to let go.   

As of no surprise, I still prefer Tess over Jess.  Maybe itís because Jess means more Antonio.  Not a good thing.  Iím not sure what Nash is up to, but Iím thinking Nash isnít the good guy we think he is.  No reason for that, just an inkling.  I still like him for now although sometimes I think that he has more wrinkles on his face than Erica Kane is supposed to have.   

I guess thatís enough ranting.  Thanks for listening!


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