AMC - Fast Forward Overload, Henceforth known as (ff)

I usually judge how well I enjoy a show by the number of times I hold down  the fast forward button.  I was down to three days of AMC taping, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  This week I went to two, next week one.  That is all I can take right now.  JR Chandler (ff) is so loud, belligerent; and abusive I have blood coming out of my ears.  Dixie Cooney Martin (ff) I understand Tad's hatred of Dixie, I hate her myself.  I always seem to be rolling my eyes and sucking my teeth when she's on; but whatever pheromone she is throwing off to the men in PV, I wants me some of dat.  Jonathan and Lilly
(Zzzzzz), thank God they broke up.  The self involved Ms. Kane (ff) same old tirade but I admire the way she won't give up on Josh after lying for months.  Babe Chandler (ff), I was through with Babe the day she got in Kendall's face and called her a bitch.  She stole Kendall's niece; covered for JR who tried to kill her and got Kendall instead; perjured herself in court to get JR off and could not understand why Kendall was a little ticked off.  Kendall is not the bitch in this equation.  Colby Chandler (ff), no comment.  David WTF, have TPTB run out of story ideas for this character?    First he was running around making a fool of himself over Dixie, now he wants to make her pay by withholding information about her daughter?  Erin and Aidan (Zzzzzz), who came up with the storyline of Erin seducing Josh to keep him away from Babe?  That one had me laughing so hard I almost had an accident.  Thank you TPTB for Aidan and Di, I am looking forward to seeing  more of them hopefully horizontal.  Julia and Jamie, I don't love them or hate them and I am all for May-December romances in reverse for a change.  I hope at some point they make it about more than sex, but they seem to be the only couple in town having any fun besides Aidan and Di.

Who came up with this cockamamie story about Zack and Dixie pretending to  have an affair and Zack being her savior?  Zack and Kendall was the reason I started watching AMC again.  They were the only really hot couple on the show, yet TPTB thought it was a good idea to mess with them, throwing Dixie in the mix.  I have started to dislike Zack and I never thought that would  happen.  Whenever he is onscreen these days I seem to be on fast forward.

I have disliked Ryan for a long time, though I admit I am warming up to him.  I think he and Annie have possibilities but the way they are jerking this show around he could end up with anyone probably Kendall.

So there you have it, the fast forward button has me down to maybe fifteen minutes of a one hour show.  What's the point?


The way I see it, the storylines on this show move so slow that if I watch one day a week, I will know all there is to know about OLTL.  This show is swirling around the toilet bowl which is sad for a cast this talented.

Every time I see Blair and Spencer copulating my skin crawls.  I though Spencer was creepy the first day he showed up I don't understand how a character as smart as Blair could be taken in by him.  It's time to end this before I slit my wrists.    Todd and Blair are going to get back together again!  For some reason all of the things they have been through together has taken all of the chemistry away.  In fact, Todd has so much chemistry with Evangeline watching him and Blair is like watching paint dry.

Does it take years to integrate two personalities?  Jess/Tess lost my interest a long time ago and Jess with Antonio the neanthol is boring me to tears.  Natalie and John (Zzzzzzz), the only thing I like about this couple is when Natalie is getting in someone's face about her man.  Bo, why are you still talking to Paige?  Get yourself another girl friend, preferably one who won't lie through the entire relationship.

Dorian hired someone to stalk her daughter to keep her away from Rex, WTF?  Christian is fighting with a busted hand instead of painting and he has a sleazy agent which is a younger version of RJ but not nearly as interesting.

TPTB have let go of some of the most interesting characters and made them day players.  They have also put together some of the most boring couples in the history of the show.  I can't speak for anyone else but I am about done.

Annette Sanders