It’s Time for Dr. Drake! 

So I squeal to my bunnies at 3pm every day, all giddy with anticipation.  The hour when my normal and rational reality gets suspended and I am off to Soapland.   Should I be embarrassed for digging a fictional doctor in a fictional town as much as I do?  Probably, but I’m not.  Dr. Patrick Drake has redefined tall dark and handsome in a way no man has since Jagger Cates.  He’s the best thing to walk through the doors of General Hospital since Jagger roared out of Port Charles with Karen on the back of his bike.   

Mmm…Jagger…those were the good ole days.  Character integration, the slooow build romance, good stories, and awesome characters.  I thought those days were gone for good.  Soapland became a violent and ugly place.  The vets were gone; the hospital seemed to be gone save for a few mob-related incidents.  Families weren’t interacting, characters were falling in and out of love in the blink of an eye and one character fathered almost the entire next generation of Port Chaarles.   Then one day I turned on my tv and there he was.  Dr. Patrick Drake.  Impossibly gorgeous, arrogant and sarcastic, wickedly charming, and sexy beyond belief - he’s everything I’d been waiting for!   Better yet, when I stopped to look around I recognized my happy place again.  Soapland was rebuilding from the nuclear attack known as Sonny Hospital/Fab 4/GAP (take your pick).  Color me interested in all things Port Charles again! 

Hey, I know those people.  Its Dr. Noah Drake, the real Edward, the Scorpios, Holly Sutton  stirred up with a little Luke and Tracey.  These teens are interesting, that Lulu has major potential to be quite a vixen, bring it on!  What’s this?  Sonny’s doing Jason’s little sister and the  s**t has hit the fan big time.  Love it!  All of a sudden I am actually interested in Sonny and Jason.  Will they kill each other?  Will they admit that each laid the other’s sister because they really long for each other?  Will Jason really leave Sonny and his messes behind and start anew (oh please, oh please, oh please!).  Is Carly actually acknowledging and enjoying her children?   She and Jax are respecting each other,  growing up, acting like adults and having a blast.  Even after a few weeks of sleeping together there have been no declarations true love and I love it!  Nik is back to his brooding, snooty and regal self, Courtney is dead (she’s really most sincerely dead), Liz and Lucky are dealing with real life money and marriage issues, Ric and Alexis are raising the cutest little girls ever and I am loving it!   

And finally, what I am loving the most, what has me hooked unlike I’ve been in years – the slow build of Robin and Patrick.  They are heating up my screen like nobody’s business.  Complicated, interesting, intelligent, flawed yet still very decent characters inching their way towards something, although neither is sure quite what.  Both scared out of their minds, yet unable to turn away, hiding their real feelings underneath insults and propositions, each yearning for the approval and respect of the other.  Children left behind by their parents, becoming success driven type A personalities to prove to the world and themselves that they are strong and don’t need anyone, but deep down they both just want to be loved.  Tentatively reaching out to each other, sensing that within the other is what they so desperately need, then quickly retreating in fear of rejection.  This is Soapland in all her glory, and I am loving it!

By: Nolisa