I have been watching GH for too long to remember. I remember when I was growing up my mom even watched it. I have to admit that I faded away a little bit over the last while. I just got so tired of the Sonny Show. I used to love the Sonny character with his interactions with Brenda & Stone (just to name a few), but not as much anymore. I think that is because we have really seen most of his storylines many times, just different people involved. 

The whole thing about losing interest makes me think of when that cool new game show came out called Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Everyone loved it. It was quite a cool concept. Then, they showed it every night, all of the time. What happened? Viewers lost interest. You just canít help it. You get overloaded so quick. I think I got that way with GH. But, I am back to where you want to watch GH to know what is going on. Thank goodness for my DVR Ė It has helped me watch faithfully. I couldnít watch all of the time before because I had major VCR problems. But, I always got caught up by reading EOS and knew I wasnít missing too much. 

I see little glimpses of the old school GH in bringing back the vets. They are the heart of GH. It makes me remember the old GH when they are on the screen. When John Ingle showed up on my screen recently, I just couldnít believe how it made everything with the Quartermaines seem so much more real. When he came back, it was like he never left. It was the greatest thing. It was like he was on one of Tony Gearyís extended vacations. You hate when they are gone, but love it when they return. He just made everything with the Quartermaines so much better. 

I have missed being invested in a couple. I do not care for Sonny/Emily. If you blinked, you missed the whole back-story when we found out they actually liked each other. There are too many couples that seem like they could be great, but they miss it. Something just doesnít click. They only scratch the surface of what they could be. I enjoyed Emily/Nikolas at first. But, then I didnít. I donít know why.

I so far like the pairing of Robin/Patrick. It has so much potential. They are still only scratching the surface of what it could be. They have great chemistry, and their story could be great with more depth. They need to actually have real conversations about her HIV status, their families, things that really matter. I am really enjoying the pairing, and hope they get more screen time to explore all of the possibilities. 

I have never written anything like this before. There are enough good things on GH to make me want to write thisÖ.I think that is a very good sign of what is to come. Thanks for reading! 

By Nikki H.


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