Mothers and Daughters
     ...and everything in between.


As long as I’ve been watching GH, I’ve always loved Alexis.  I loved when she was the Cassidine gatekeeper, I loved when she was falling for Ned, I loved when she was trying to pull a fast one on Stefan, I loved when she was verbally sparring with Luke and I absolutely adored when she told Helena “go away now, before someone drops a house on you too.”  Alexis was fun.  Alexis was smart, witty, capable and compassionate.  What’s not to love?


(Notice I am not discussing the Sonny/Dobson years.  I prefer to just forget that ever happened, ok?  Let’s just assume I’ve got that soap amnesia thing going on)


I should be just tickled pink that she’s getting a long lost daughter storyline, right?  Well, I would be if they had the right daughter.  Sam just doesn’t do it for me.  She’s just too self-righteous for my liking.  Every time she goes off on one of her tangents (“YOU should have let yourself die and your children motherless so my goodhearted mentally disabled brother could live, you heartless beast.”  Pfft.  Whatever.)  I have to fight the urge to fast forward, because I *like* Alexis.  I want to watch her scenes.  But if Sam is her daughter, then that means I have to listen to Sam spout off.  Yuck.


And it’s just so predictable.  The one female character in the age bracket that absolutely hates Alexis must be her daughter.  Yeah.  So?  And I should care why?  I like how OLTL is doing it – you have no idea who is Bo’s latest blonde bimbo’s son – and you halfway hope all three (yeah – THREE!) candidates are her son.  You’re left guessing.  Wondering.  Hoping.  Now *that’s* the way to write a long lost child storyline.  (Well – the way to start anyway.  It’s kinda dragging with all the time they’re taking with that dumb Spencer storyline….but I digress)


You know what would have been a better storyline for Alexis?   Have Elizabeth be her daughter.


Oh come on!  I know she doesn’t hate Alexis’ guts and all – but think of the possibilities!  Lucky married to a Cassidine daughter!  Not only that – but his brother’s cousin!  What’s more soapy than that?  Cameron – the Cassidine heir!  Luke would just pitch a fit!  It certainly explains Lizzie’s tendencies to go wild when she’s hurting or angry, doesn’t it?  And why she never felt like she fit in with the Webbers?  No wonder!  They were raising a Cassidine under duress!  I’m telling ya – that would be *way* more interesting to me in the long run.  WAY more interesting.  Can you imagine Helena’s reaction when she found out?  That she actually tried to insure that Nicholas ended up with his own cousin at one time?  And now she’s married to a Spencer?  The possibilities are endless!


Of course, that would leave Sam without a mom.  And heaven knows we can’t have that.  So who would be a good choice for Sam’s mom?


Pfft. Monica of course!!!!  Maybe Sam could really be Dawn, who wasn’t killed after all, but spirited off by some naughty person (as I wasn’t watching regularly back then, I don’t really remember the baddies back in the day) and sold to the McCalls.  Now THAT’S some conflict.  Jason is in love with his step-sister.  Soapy soapy soapy.  Think of how Edward would look at it.  Oh!  And Emily – discovering that she’s not the only daughter Monica has!  Fun stuff – and way more interesting than the current plan.  And Tracy would just have a *field* day! 


*sigh*  If only we wrote GH……..


(Have a great weekend!)

By Mysti

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