Of May/December Romances


Or – considering I’m referring to Sonny & Emily or Zach & Kendall, it should be more like July/December Romances.  Anyhoo…..


For weeks it’s been bouncing around in my head – why is it that I find Sonny & Emily so annoying, and Zach & Kendall so endearing?   Both are moderately older men with fairly young women.  Both men are pretty darn shady, with the women having the worst luck in love in their past.  But I’m pulling for Zach & Kendall, and fast forwarding through Sonny & Emily at breakneck speed.  And I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why.


Then it hit me.  Zach still sees himself as flawed, and isn’t so sure he’s a good catch.  He’s….well…kinda humble that way.  Sonny, on the other hand, is all about himself.  It doesn’t matter that he’s a mobster.  That he tells other people to kill for him.  He’s still a catch in his own mind – and incredibly self-centered as well.  Then there’s the whole lack of respect for any woman in his past.  I’ve never seen such a blatant example of the whole Madonna/Whore complex as Mr. Corinthos.  While Zach lets other people make their own decisions, and keeps their secrets (whether those secrets should be kept or not), Sonny bebops around town, making judgments and blurting out secrets to Emily, his priest, or whomever he feels like telling – just because he can.  Because he’s Sonny Corinthos – and he does no wrong.  It's hard to like a guy like that.  I used to. When I started watching GH, I did.  Back when he still acknowledged his flaws in a meaningful way.


Oh wait.  He did sleep with a mother and a daughter.  Even though he didn’t know it at the time.  He “used” them.  This of course, justifies him in sharing that secret because by golly – it’s all about him.  Excuse me while I go pick up my eyeballs – they rolled right out of my head again.


I know Zach isn’t everyone’s favorite.  And goodness knows he’s flawed.  Anyone who would treat his son like he did – even if he did it for “Ethan’s own good” (dangit – there goes those eyeballs again) – is far from perfect.  And that whole power grid thing was a bad bad idea.   But Zach acknowledges that.  And doesn’t try to go make deals with God, or get his priest to absolve him so he’ll feel better.  He doesn’t think he deserves to feel better.  And God help me – it just makes me want to give him a hug and remind him that we all screw up, and it doesn’t have to ruin your entire future – you learn from it, grow and move on.  What can I say – it’s the pull of the bad boy.  It’s always there, no matter how much you think you’ve grown out of it.


I know what you’re thinking.  When Sonny goes the priest, he’s always saying that he doesn’t deserve to feel better either.  Uh huh.  Lip service my friend.  You can only make so many deals with God before God stops taking you seriously.  Ok – so God will take you seriously – but I won’t.  If you really think that, then do more than talk about it – make some changes for Pete’s sake!  Don’t ask for absolution, then go right back to doing the same things you were asking forgiveness for!  Sheesh – who can take that seriously? 


It’s not just the men in these pairings that color my affections – it’s the women as well.  You have Emily – the Quartermaine princess who does no wrong (ha!  Caught ‘em before they made it all the way out of my head that time) compared to Kendall – the Kane woman, which is by definition as flawed as Zach (if not more so).


Heaven knows both of these women are perfect for their December men – Emily is just as hypocritical, and Kendall is just as damaged.  And although I know that Emily is the new Lila according to the writing on the show – I’m just not feeling it.  Of course, for me Emily was ruined the moment she bought Jason’s load o’ crapola about lying about Michael.  Then there was the whole Zander/Nicholas fiasco.  This makes her perfect for Sonny – quick to judge others, but hypocritical considering her own history.  I should love these two, right?


Uh – no.  Because if I wanted to watch two flawed people acting self-righteous, I’d just find some old tapes of Sonny & Carly screeching at AJ.  At least when it was the two of them, it was fresh.  Now it’s just …. tired.  Give me a couple that is flawed who recognize those flaws, and love each other despite them.  Without judging the world around them.


I guess that’s it.  Zach may judge a few people – but those people certainly seem to deserve the judgments – and he doesn’t feel the need to spout his views all around town.  Neither does Kendall.  So they are a couple I can hope for.  Because their July/December romance is just that – a romance.  Two flawed people who want to be together, but aren’t because they are afraid of their flaws – and how those flaws can damage the other.  While Sonny & Emily’s romance is just, well, goofy.  Hiding behind couches and sneaking off to Spain while lying to the people who care about them does not a romance make. 


Whew.  Glad I got *that* figured out!


By Mysti

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