Some Rambling Thoughts on OLTL,
Tess/Jess, Viki, Antonio, Heroes, etc. 

While reading Sageís Spoiler Party this week, I was motivated to try my hand at a muse column.  Sage commented on Vikiís treatment of Tess throughout this DID storyline.  So here are some of my ramblings on the DID storyline, Viki, Antonio, and other players!  I have also not seen the ĎViki comforts Tessí episode yet this week, so please keep that in mind while reading!  

Iíve always loved Viki (and of course Erika Slezak).  Viki is a heroine, but with flaws, and admitted flaws.  She is a good person, but I have never felt that she was this super saccharine sweet character that the writers force down out throats as they do with some others (GHís Emily comes to mind).  I mean, I loved that scene back during the Killing Club storyline when she laid into Marcie.  Viki had some serious fire there!  And Viki is a good mother; of course she makes mistakes, but what parent doesnít?  In fact on some level, she reminds me of my own mom, a woman who would do anything for her children no matter what. 

This is why Vikiís interaction with Tess has been driving me crazy!  First of all, why do Tess/Jessís family members and Antonio treat Tess as if she is some sort of alien that has taken over Jessicaís body and must be driven out?  Tess is Jessica and vice versa, they are not separate entities.  And while Viki has acknowledged in past episodes (especially to selfish, thick-headed, chauvinistic Antonio) that Tess is Jess, she doesnít seem to practice what she preaches.  In fact I agree with Sage, she has been downright cold!  The constant ďI want my Jesse backĒ whining is grating on my nerves!  And what really surprised me, is that I am seeing Vikiís behavior as being more about her than Jess/Tess.  She wants Ďherí Jessica back, Tess be damned!  It feels, at least to me, that all of the characters involved in this storyline are being, well, selfish.  With the exceptions of Clint and Nash, the other characters seem to want Tess annihilated and an unspoiled Jessica to return.  I donít know why it is, but every time I see Viki and Clint on screen dealing with their feelings over the abuse Jessica suffered, Clint (or JvD) displays true guilt, heartbreak, and deep concern for his daughter Ė Jess and Tess.  Viki, well, Iím sad to say that the feeling I get watching Viki is that she is more devastated by how that guilt is making her feel, and shifting the blame onto Niki is a cop out.  I am not attacking Viki, I still love her, but I will try to articulate why I think it is a cop out.  And I should say that I donít remember exactly when Viki became aware of Nikiís presence, but she at least knew she was having blackouts.  She also knew she was her daughterís primary caregiver, especially with Clintís late night Banner work.  I am a mom; if I were having blackouts and Ďlosing time,í my first thought would be the care of my children.  Donít get me wrong, I am not blaming Viki for what happened to Jess, Iím simply saying that I donít buy the whole Ďitís all Nikiís faultí argument.    

Iím also stunned by Vikiís unwavering support of Antonio as the better man for her Jessica.  Like I said before, Viki reminds me a little of my own mom, and one of the things my mom could do very well is figure out what type of person my boyfriend at the time was, and whether or not we were good for each other.  She was always pretty careful about sharing her opinions with me because she wanted to give me the opportunity to, basically, be in control of my own love life and had faith in my decisions.  Here is where I get thoroughly confused by Vikiís support of Antonio and Jessica.  It may just be me, but Antonio strikes me as a self-absorbed, possessive, chauvinistic pig with a self control problem (how many times was he suspended from the police force?) that is more interested in winning the Jess/Tess struggle than actually trying to help Jessica.  He just wants Tess exorcised.  And if he truly Ďlovedí Jess, he would want the best for her, even if that means Tess is the dominant personality.  But oh no, he makes it clear that he just wants his Jessica back, punctuated by his usual huffing and puffing.  I wonder if he wants all traces of Tess gone because she doesnít obey his commands or accept being treated like a child.  Antonio treats Jess as if she were 10 years old and unable to make adult decisions.  Thatís not love, thatís control.  Thatís also not Tess.  Sure, the girl has her faults, but that is one strong willed, self assured girl who speaks her mind, especially to Antonio.  No one has acknowledged that while Jessica seems to like, or at least tolerate Nash, Tess hates Antonio.  She must hate him for a reason, or reasons.  While Antonio claims he and Jess have this perfect love, I canít help thinking that a pretty good chunk of Jessís psyche hates Antonio.  I donít think that oneís a match made in heaven. 

Back to Viki, how has she not seen Antonio for what he is, and his apparent lack of respect for her daughter as an intelligent adult?  Let me tell you, my mom would have has him pegged in a heartbeat.  You would think Viki would want someone for her daughter who loves and respects Jess, accepts her for who she is and sees their relationship as a partnership.  Someone who sees her for the intelligent, loving, capable adult she is, and accepts all of her personality traits, good and bad.  Antonio reminds of those guys I knew that wanted Ďtrophyí girlfriends; yíknow, ďlook pretty, agree with my decisions and stroke my ego.  Donít worry, in return Iíll protect and care for you, which means Iíll make all the important decisions and deal with all the situations I know you canít handle.Ē  Thatís love and respect?  Please.  My mom would have seen it, I know she would have Ė has Viki?      

And what was with all the judgmental comments and behavior from Antonio towards Nash when he admitted to his past with Claudia; umm, did everyone forget Antonioís past??  And by the way Antonio, where is Jamie?  Yíknow, the daughter you LIED to a court to get custody of because RJ is unfit?!?  Um, didnít he drop her like a hot potato on RJís doorstep while he played Santi?  RJ seemed OK then! 

All right maybe Iím being a bit harsh.  I obviously do not like Antonio.  But what I donít like even more are TPTB shoving him down our throats as a hero.  TPTB on all three ABC soaps need to realize that chauvinistic men who constantly need to Ďprotectí their perpetual Ďdamsels in distressí are not heroes, they are overbearing, controlling, obnoxious ego maniacs.  Ryan Lavery, Antonio Vega, Sonny CorinthosÖÖ  I see similarities.  I donít mind these characters being on the canvas, but heroes? 

Rambling on, I also obviously love Tess.  I just do!  I love Nash and their relationship.  That does not mean I donít like Jess, I do, but she needs more Tess!  I find Tess fun to watch, and Bree Williamson Ė Bravo!!  She has made Tess a person, not some cartoon character like Niki.  She also seems to have a lot of fun with the role.  The girl is bringing it and I for one am enjoying it! 

Who knows what will happen post integration, I think (at least hope) it will be interesting to watch 

Thanks so much for letting me ramble on!!  Take care!!

By: Melissa

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