Okay, I have one disclaimer….sort of.


I will not, cannot, nor do I want to….write about Sonny, Sam, or Jason (with the exception that he is in a scene with anybody BUT those other two names that I mentioned beforehand).


I’m fairly new to this show.  I know next to nothing about Robin, Tristan (is that his real name or the character’s name?), Holly or Noah, still I want to give them all credit for making February’s sweeps absolutely thrilling!


By the way, if the writers want to have a monthly tradition of something, can we please exchange the gunfire for a GQ dance?  I’m a huge, huge, huge fan of Dillon and Georgie.  Their wedding was the icing on the cake (no pun intended) for me.  Scott Clifton and Lindze Letherman, both get more gorgeous each and every day, and they always fill me with delight whenever they are on screen.


I felt Luke’s pain, during the epidemic, as he watched Lulu get sicker and sicker.  I adore Tony Geary, he can have me in tears one minute and cracking up the next.  Rebecca Herbst is another actor who can move me the same way.  She makes Liz real, if you know what I mean.  Of all of the characters, I honestly feel like I can relate to her.


Can I say  “Thank God, NiCo is dead?!”  My VCR thanks you PTB.  I now have one less couple that I have to fast forward.


Speaking of Nikolas, I’m looking forward to see if anything happens between him and Maxie.  I think they have a ton of chemistry and I’m hoping that the writer’s will give them a chance.


Unlike most viewers….I could not care less about SkyeLo.  I just don’t see the chemistry that they are supposed to have.  I know other viewers say that they can see it, but it just slips past me.  But I will say this, thanks to Lorenzo, we have Manny.  I love Manny….and Durant!  I laugh with glee every time I see them on my screen.  But then again, thanks to Lorenzo, we have Diego back.  Why?  To screw around with the only couple who is genuinely happy to be together and for all of the right reasons, that’s why.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that maybe just maybe either something will happen with him and Lulu... or perhaps he’ll meet Frank and then we can get rid of two birds with just one stone.


So—with cautious optimism—I’m looking forward with a great deal of hope, to another great Sweeps, come this May!


By Midnight Enchantress

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