“Where’s Simone?” 

Okay, maybe it’s just me, but can anyone explain to me why we haven’t seen Simone. When Ethan died (as heartbreaking as it was) I was excited, because I just knew that one of my favorite characters was finally going to get some real screen time. Sad to say, I was very disappointed when it didn’t happen.  

Not to be a spoilsport, but we had to watch Greenlee (who is also a favorite of mine) grieve for Ryan for weeks, only for her to discover he was alive. I mean come on. We knew he was alive and we still had to watch her go through the grieving process. In my opinion, it was a necessary plot line and I appreciated the fact that they had to show her grief so we could understand Ryan’s betrayal. I truly understand that. 

What I don’t understand is why Simone is not getting the same treatment. It’s like after Ethan’s memorial, she just disappeared. Now I realize that a person may choose to be alone to grieve, but this is soap land. We all know that what may go on in real life rarely happens in SoapLand. As viewers we should have at the very least been given the chance to see her go through this process. It could have been a good way to see other characters be supportive of their supposed friend. I mean are we really supposed to believe that Kendall is so selfish that she wouldn’t try to help her “best” friend through this tragic time. Maybe the old Kendall wouldn’t have cared, but not the Kendall I know and love. The same Kendall who pretended to be pregnant with Miranda to keep Bianca’s secret. The same Kendall that was willing to sacrifice her body for nine months to give her best friend the child she wanted. The same Kendall who didn’t hesitate to make the ultimate sacrifice upon learning that Greenlee’s embryos were destroyed in the blackout. I don’t think so. And what about Danielle (who needs some air time)? We watched Simone and Danielle become good friend during the entire “Dragon” mess. Are we to believe that she would abandon the friend who was there for her, and not be there to support Simone at a time when she needs family and friends more than ever? In my opinion this is a mistake that should not be ignored. 

Terri Ivens is a great actress and I believe her talent is being wasted. The few times we have been given a chance to see her truly act, she has turned in great performances. She was great at the funeral (I mean when she slapped Amanda I could feel the sting on my own face). Her talent has been greatly undervalued and I don’t understand why. Hopefully in the near future this gargantuan mistake will be corrected and we will see more of my beloved Simone on the screen.


By: Marcquita

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