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Re:  General Hospital March 27, 2006 Episode


Audience: Wow, those stairs came out of no where!! 

Aclazar (to Tracy): Hey!  Where was the sign saying “WARNING: Stairs… dangerous to pregnant women!,” Skye could have seriously been hurt!

Tracy: Stop complaining!  If she can get up and talk about it, then it wasn’t a bad fall!

Jax and Carly Scene Recap: Kiss Kiss Kiss. then fall on the floor.

Ric/Sam Scene

Ric: I don’t care what any character says, I’m going to come here and start up the same conversation we have had all month.  Please Sam, tell me again why you hate Alexis, I think I missed it the first time around…

Sam: Blah Blah Blah, I hate Alexis.  By the way, Alexis should even care about daughters that she doesn’t know are alive.

Jason Seeing Sonny and Emily Kissing

Jason (on the terrace): Owww!  My eyes, My eyes!

The Audience: Ewww!  Sonny/Emily kissing My eyes, My eyes!

Sonny (to Emily): Aren’t you glad I am an irresponsible father and don’t care about my kids?

Emily: But Sonny I know that you are the most saintly person on earth, I even got you a “Best Father Ever” mug.

Sonny: Aww, you shouldn’t have…now let’s go add another illegitimate child to the list of kids…

Ric: Blah Blah Blah Alexis is the best.

Sam: Blah Blah Blah Manny Ruiz, Alexis, My Baby.

Ric: Can’t we all just get along! 

Noah: Everyone feel sorry for me.  Oh the humanity, I deserve to die.

Robin (squawking to Patrick): Care about your Dad!  Noah is dying!

Patrick (to Robin): Have we had this conversation before?

Dr. Lee: Well by looking at your arm I can tell the baby probably wasn’t hurt.

Jax: I’m sorry Carly, but I just got this note from the writer’s at GH it says “the conversation has diverted away from Sonny…Please remedy the situation.” 

So Carly, does us making passionate love have anything to do with you getting back at Sonny?

Carly: No

Jax: Oh Sorry, Well I may bring this up 5 more times before the month is up, just to be sure.

Alexis (To Elizabeth): Don’t you hate it when pregnant women fall down stairs…it such as shame.

Elizabeth: Thanks for the sensitivity Alexis.  Did you forget that Faith pushed me down some stairs and made me loose my baby.

Audience: Oh yeah I forgot about that! (and apparently so did Alexis)
Luke: Ok everyone enough talk, more gambling.

Carly Sleeping with Jax the cut to Sonny sleeping with Emily.

Audience: Hey who’s watching the children?

Skye and Lorenzo Scene

Audience: *yells to the screen* Ted King, get well soon! We miss you!!

Alexis: Luke, please get the other lawyer in town to represent you…Justus is over there.

Patrick/Robin Argue

Robin: Remember when you said all those sweet words to me during the virus, that I would haunt you if I died.

Audience: *with puzzled look* Hey I don’t remember that!  But it would have been a cute scene!  :)

Jason: *speaks like caveman* Ric touch my wo-man! 

Ric (to Max): *in whiny child voice* Sonny!  Jason hit me!!

Sonny and Ric Scene
Audience: *Looking at Sonny* Wow Sonny looks like a pumpkin.  He should really cut down on that super sizing.

Sonny (to Ric): Stay away from Jason and Sam.

Audience: Doesn’t GH seem like the movie Groundhog Day lately?

Jax Rocking Baby Scene

Audience: Wow that baby sure got fat(er) quick.

Jax (to baby John): I love you even though I am not your father.  I’m sure glad no one is around to hear me say this for this for the hundredth time…

Carly With Morgan

Audience: Wow, Carly is actually being a good mother.  Jax may be a good influence on her! 

Jason’s Dream Scene

Audience: How come Jason and Sam decided to sleep on the couch in their dress clothes? 

Until next time, Happy Groundhog’s day!  Cause ever day is groundhog’s day on GH (unless it happens to be the month of February, May, or November).


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