I've been following GH like a hawk lately and I would like puke all over the Alexis-is-Sam's-mom story. It would have made much more sense 5 years ago when Luke constantly referred to her as "Natasha" and now all of a sudden hearing about a teenage "Alexis Davidovich" is patronizing to viewers and makes TBTB look like they are willing to for-go viewer loyalty for yet another easy storyline.

  I completely can understand a bit of Sam's resentment towards Alexis because of the loss of Sam's baby. Her premature labor brought on by Alexis's berating her and her baby's stem cells going to make baby Kristina healthy make for powerful motive. I personally lost one of my daughters at birth and I know that it takes years to move on and stop laying blame, but the GH PTB are missing a key element in this story in trying to make us all accept the fact that Alexis is Sam's mother. They are missing the forgiveness factor. When people encounter bereavement, they go through real stages of bereavement and acceptance would have come for Sam by now.

  I really have no idea why Sam would blame Alexis for Danny's death. They have tried to make it acceptable by Sam saying that Alexis took his dose of the cure for the virus, but seriously, what mother would give up her chance to live for a mentally challenged boy with no real family when they have children to raise? I know this may not be the popular view, but a mother's love is like nothing else. The chance to be there for them outweighs any other factor besides dying for them via-Courtney.

  Which brings me to Courtney's death; I have to say I was highly disappointed as well in her dying. Not that I liked or disliked the character, but for her to die at this point was entirely too convenient for me. Sure Alicia Leigh Willis was leaving the show, but was her character so well loved that they could not recast? I have so many negative things to say about GH now that I would rather move on to AMC.

  I, like many others, were so lead to the Josh-Is-Erica's-Son storyline that it was kind of a letdown in the end. I loved watching Erica relive her life and seeing that she was a lot like Josh via flashbacks. It always helps to have years of story to fall back on, but her reaction has been less than stellar. I really expected her to be so upset that "The Kane Women" now included a man that she would move Heaven and Earth to try to make some sense of contact with him, but the opposite has happened. She wants so little to do with him that she is plotting her own sons revenge (Kendall 10 yrs ago anyone?).

  I also am so excited that Cady McClain is back that I could jump around in my jammies while I watch. The moment that she decides to reveal herself to her friends and family is one I anticipate with drool and all. With JR acting like she has already reentered his life and Tad moving on FINALLY with Di, the repercussions of her showing herself will one to set your TiVo for!

  Well, that is an excerpt of my random musing so to speak. I have watched soaps my entire recognizable life. I follow them, make fun of them, cheer them on, and DVR them daily. They tend to piss me off more than make me happy, but I continue to watch, like everyone else in hopes of the cheers and jeers that we all look forward to.

  I am a moderate stay at home/night manager at a bar on a military base so I watch AMC, GH, and OLTL religiously. I also watch DOOL and ATWT if that helps any. Thanks for giving my ramblings some time in reading.

  Liz Berhow
  Holloman AFB, NM

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