Unpopular Opinions? I got tons...

- Sorry you Zendall fans out there, I still don't get why everyone, including the writers, believes that Zach and Kendall are the next super couple in the making.
- I actually don't mind Lily and Jonathan together.
 - The writers have made Dixie holier-than-thou and I don't like it or her.
- What is the point of Julia?
- I am so glad the real Ryan has returned. He was a figment of himself during the Greenlee and crazy Jonathan things/
- Adam and Krystal cannot compare to Adam and Brooke. Sorry.
- David and Krystal were H-O-T!
-Yeah, yeah, I fell for JR and Babe again.
- Nora is the only woman for Bo. Well, I guess that really isn't unpopular, but it is definitely understated.
- I want Cristian, Todd, and John to fight over Evangeline. All three have chemistry with her and I'd be happy with any three of those couples.
- What is the point of Layla?
- I actually liked the love/hate relationship between Natalie and Michael.
- Tess/Nash outdo Jess/Antonio any and every day. And I used to be a HUGE Java fan.
- I think Dillon and Georgie need to be apart for while. Their characters would grow much faster on their own cause right now they are very one note.
- I miss the friendships of Jason and Elizabeth and Sonny and Alexis.
- I no longer can tolerate Nikolas' character.
- What is the point of Jesse?
- John Ingle is Edward, Amber Tambyln is Emily, Jonathan Jackson is Lucky, Tamara Braun is Carly, and Robyn Richards is Maxie.
- I want Billy Warlock and Corbin Benson to come back. ASAP!
- I hate that Alexis could be Sam's mother. It's just a really bad rewrite.
- I love to hate Manny.
- Sonny and Emily.....EWWWWW!!!!


By Keri

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