Uh ohÖ with two of the top writers on EOS out of commission, I feel compelled to write a Muse Column for your reading pleasure. 

All I can say is OLTL just stinks lately.  I was on vacation and collected eight episodes so I could sit down and waste my time watching them and write a brilliant column.  Unfortunately, all I encountered was total boredom.   

I am not getting what the big deal is about a murder than happened 25 years ago.  Yes, it is M&Mís father and I feel sorry for them, but come on.  How can you possibly find any evidence?  There are no eyewitnesses; only a drawing of a kid who was in the alley or something lame like that.  Give me a break!  Maybe I hate this story line because it involves more obnoxious Natalie scenes.  We all know that Spencer has to be the real shooter because of the way they are dragging the whole thing out and because he is just a plain olí schmuck.  Heís been stringing that idiot Paige and his younger (but not so innocent) brother around for years.  Thatís what brothers do to each other, donít they?  Mess with their heads?  The only difference is that Spencer never gave up the goods.  What a weasel.   

Iím already bored with Nora.  She has been off the canvas for so long that sheís just not the power character she used to have.  I have totally forgotten about her and thinking back, I didnít miss her.  Now if she and Lindsey go up against on another again, I may get interested in her.  A pairing between Nora and RJ?  Not gonna happen.  If they were ever going to get together, it would have been done a long time ago.  Oh sorry, I forgot how writers change on soaps more than the stars change their underwear!   

That kiss between Paige and Bo was just, plain olí gross!  Oh Bo, you are getting dumber every day.  Please tell me that this is all a ruse and youíve had a big plan up your sleeve all along.  Hopefully it involves stringing up Paige along with Spencer.  Meat hooks seemed to be a popular optionÖ 

Rex and Adriana are so boring.  What have they done to wild sexy Rex.  He used to be fun.  I think the writers believe that Rex will make Adriana interesting.  Ha!  Thatís a good one! 

Jess/Antblowmeo have me rooting for a Tess/Nash reunion and the sooner the better.  Jessica is so boring and Antonio, well, heís Antonio.  Yuk!  Iím also not liking this Nash/Claudia thing either.  Just what we need another crazed female in the mix.  Didnít we just finish a crazy woman story?  Now Nash is going to say that he killed Claudiaís father?  Why?  I would leave her happy-ass to deal with the death of her dad, that she caused, and high tail my happy-ass back to Landview to be with Tess.  There is no reason for him to have a relationship with Claudia anymore.  Assuming heís going to say he killed the father will only lead to one.  Who writes this crap? 

Will someone please give Marcie a kid? 

Will the judge please slap Natalie with another contentment charge and slap her in the face while heís at it?  Who stands up in a court of law and says that stuff to a judge?  Do the writers really want us to hate her?  Iím wondering if they want to get rid of her.  Where I work, they come down on you and come down on you until you have no choice but to leave because you canít stand the pressure.  Maybe they are trying to do that to (the actress who plays her) and drive her to leave.  If thatís the case, I say ďyea-babyĒ.  

Even Vicki has changed.  And not into an alter either.  Sheís seeming pretty grumpy lately, donít you think?  Clint needs to make her a good stiff one after dinner tonightÖ 

Evangeline ~ Love ya baby, but hating your blindness story line.  I think Chris has matured in his character, but heís still not mature enough for Evangeline.  She needs a real man.   I donít think there is one in Landview right now so maybe there should be an Evangeline and Todd relationship.   

Speaking of Todd, Iím sorry guys, I like this person who plays him, but I will never ever accept that the old Todd would ever allow himself to get raped!  The other Todd was too cool and smart to be duped by a loon.  

So now Todd is gonna seek revenge on all the people who did him wrong.  I have the feeling that this is gonna be boring.  I donít know why.  I just donít have much faith anymore.  I know, Iím a ďDebbie DownerĒ.  Why canít it be sweeps week every week?   

Well, thatís all I can think of right now.  I just wanted to contribute something to the EOS site.   

Oh, on a side note:  I have always wondered why The Young and the Restless was the #1 soap.  So, a few months ago I started DVR-ing it.  I think it may have even been during sweeps.  What is the attraction to this soap?  The story lines were pretty lame and during sweeps there should have been at least one good story line.  All they had to offer me was an affair between Phyllis and some guy who is married and then I think his wife is also cheating on him.  Big deal.  They donít even have nice looking actors.  Phyllis may be the prettiest one of the bunch, but even sheís not THAT great.  The woman who play Nicki Ė sheís a lousy actress.  She always has her nose up in the air.  Anyway, I started watching again while I was on vacation.  I still donít get it.  The only thing I can think of is that it has no competition.  When it airs in Houston, it goes against local news on the other two channels.  Could this be why it is #1?  And my poor OLTL goes up against DOOL and ATWT.  Now wonder it doesnít do as well.   

Thanks for letting me ventÖ

By Kateone23

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