I have one major complaint - One Life to Live does not get enough column and commentary on the internet.  This drives me crazy.  Maybe because itís my favorite soap and I canít get enough?  I donít know.  AMC and GH are all over the place and this is a pet peeve with me.  So here goes my shot at stardomÖ 

Norman Leeds.  Yea, that olí scrapper.  I donít want him to die.  I want him to face the music.  I want him to be abused Ė see how he likes it.  And it should be filmed too.  I donít want to see that, though.  That can be done on the side somewhere.  What do you think he was trying to say to Antonio the other day?  I mean he almost fell out of his bed!  The only movement this pedophile has made since his last violation.  Or, maybe, since the last time he was violated!  Statistics show that sexual abuse is usually a learned condition.  HmmÖ where could this all have started?  Could Nasty Norm be a relative of someone living in Llanview?  Maybe even someone who used to live in Llanview?  Could he have been one of Karen Wolekís old tricks?  She should be old enough by now to have played ďdoctorĒ with Nasty Norm when they were kids.  Maybe, just maybe, this is a result from the fond memories of a pre-professional trick?  Good stuff from a whore-in-waiting?  He just wanted to relive his childhood?  Ok, enough excuses.  This guy should pay and pay well.  I also think he has a secretÖ 

I am loving Tess, and Jessica is and always has been, a total (but beautiful) bore.  Nash is a hottie with those rugged good looks and Antonio is nothing but a hothead taking up space.  I think he sleeps with the writers.  We all can pretty much tell where this story line will go.  Tess, Nash and baby makes three will end up together.  When that happens, we will get bored.  If Claudia and Antonio eventually hook-up, where will that take us?  I like the character of Claudia and am interested in what is on her agenda.  But Antonio?  Take a hat pin (Iím showing my age here) to your head and release the hot air, dude!  

Oh my God, what have they done to Natalie?  I use to love her.  She was spunky, street smart and always ready to kick some ass.  Now sheís a screaming shrew.  Thatís all she does is bitch, bitch, bitch.  Sheís boring me.  I love to look at John so I canít FF through her scenes.  Pisses me off. 

How can two hot couples turn so cold?  Iím talking about Marcie and Michael.  When it was Marcie and Al, they were pretty hot.  I donít understand.  Itís the same actor as Al, but there is no sizzle.  Of course that whole story line about Al dying and Michael resurrecting was stupid to begin with. 

Evangeline has chemistry with all the men she is in scenes with.  I was an Evangeline and John supporter when the triangle was a hot issue. I am also loving Chris with that long hair.  Yum!  He is hotter than ever!  Natalie has bored me for a long time.  She must not be very happy because she doesnít score with any men on the screen.  I donít think itís the writers either.  I think itís her not wanting to do her best.  John is just plain old fine!  I think Iíll kick Nat to the curb and give him some real loviní! 

I hate that David is leaving OLTL.  I really wanted to see a reunion with Dorian.  They were pretty steamy together.  She does well with younger men.  Remember that guy with the long blonde pony tale?  I canít remember his name (Jeremy?).  She went through a breast cancer scare with him.  I think he was the one who found her lump.  I used to have a boyfriend who would check my breasts for lumps every month.  *What a guy*.  I advise all husbands/partners to do this for their women.  Then there was ďJoeĒ Buchanan.  Of course that Joey was a hottie.  He looked good with everyone!  So I think Dorian should forget about her crush on Clint (unless heís really her next victim) and find herself a sweet young buck.   

What the hell has happened to Blaire?  Come on!  She was a master manipulator when she first came on the show, she married a master manipulator numerous times, why canít she see a master manipulator a mile away?  When did she get so stupid?  This drives me crazy.  And there is no way in hell that the original Todd would have allowed any woman to rape him.  Nothing against the story line and the actor who currently plays Todd (I loved his ďbed headĒ in those scenes), but there is no way the old Todd would have put himself in that situation.  No way.  Totally out of character for Todd.   

Viki, Viki, Viki!  She was out of character as well in her relationship with Tess when Tess first surfaced on our TVís.  She seems to be coming around now.  Itís about time.  I think she needs to get laid.  How long has it been now?  When did Ben go comatose?  Itís been a long time and she needs a good stiff one (drink I mean Ė what were you thinking?). 

Who have I forgotten?  Oh yea, Paige.  I think this actress sucks.  I mean really sucks.  I donít think she can act her way out of a paper bag.  Spencer is a butt hole.  Heís a smarmy, egomaniacal, jerk.  I will enjoy watching him get what he deserves.  That will be good soapy stuff.  I love seeing the bad buy get smacked down!   

When Nora was still on the ventilator, she gave me the creeps and reminded me of my sister who was dying in an ICU.  She deserves an Emmy for that.  ĎNuff said. 

Rex his hot, but not with Adrianna.  Maybe itís because he gets kind of obsessive when he has a woman.  Somehow that seems to have an effect on the womanís character and not his.  I donít know how that can happen, but thatís just my impression.  There always seems to be some sort of tension between him and his women and I donít think itís passion.  Maybe itís just me.  He is cute, though.  Without Rex, Adrianna would be a real snooze fest.  Who do you think is stalking her?  A new character?  A current character?  I donít know, but I am curious.  Maybe it will make her an interesting character, but I have the feeling sheíll play the damsel in distress and Rex will have to play her hero.  This is why they are currently on the outs so the stalker can bring them back together.  I could have written this story line and this is my first time ever writing in a public forum. 

Give me more of Roxyís ruin of the English language.  Itís hysterical!  She reminds me of that old comic Norm Crosby.  There I goÖ showing my age again! 

Well, thatís all I can think of for now.  Thanks for letting me talk and get more OLTL out there!

By Kateone23


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