The Blackout Fallout 

            When Sam found out that Liz was possibly pregnant with Jason’s child I was waiting with gleeful anticipation.  I couldn’t wait for her to find out that Liz was (possibly)  pregnant with his child.  It was then that I realized…wow, I really don’t like this character anymore AND I really don’t like Jason and Sam together anymore.   What the heck happened to the writing for this couple?  Is this what they intended?  Did they intend for the viewers to hate the two of them together?  I’ll admit that I liked Liz and Jason together in the past and I REALLY liked that they finally got their chance to be together again.  But, I used to like Sam and Jason together, too.  Why have they decided to make Sam so unlikeable?   I could only come up with a smidge of sympathy for her when she went and visited her dead baby’s nursery because she had already gone and blabbed the secret of the baby to Liz’s friggin brother-in-law, Nicholas!   Do these people not understand the concept of a secret?  Also, what was up with her going off on Liz?  She said that Liz had won the lottery by getting knocked up by Jason?  We didn’t even have the test results yet!  (Carly and Sam must both be psychic because they don’t even need a little thing called paternity test to tell them who the father is).  How does she think she won the lottery?  Did Liz ask for her husband to get hooked on drugs, sleep with Maxie (the new Port Charles hussy), get her pregnant and then have someone other than her husband be the father of her child?  Wow, I can’t wait to win that lottery.   

            All those conversations that Carly, Jason and Sam were having were making me a little crazy.  They kept talking like they already knew Jason was the father.  I realize that there is a rule on soaps that if a woman becomes pregnant then it’s almost always the person you aren’t in a relationship with.  I understand that rule as a viewer but since when have the characters on a soap caught on to that yet?  These conversations were also driving me a little batty because Sam and Carly have this hate for Liz now like she planned it.  I understand Sam’s bitterness a little more than Carly’s since she’s in love with Jason but why does Carly dislike Liz so much?  I was so glad that Jason asked her that question this week.  What do the other women in Jason’s life have to do in order to win Carly’s approval?  If she’s going to be jealous of his women because she doesn’t want to share him then she needs to be jealous of all of them.  Why did Courtney and Sam gain her approval but yet Liz does not?   

            I also remember reading someone’s column a while back who didn’t understand why Liz left Lucky.  They said she threw the towel in early.  They compared Carly to Liz and how Carly always stuck by Sonny no matter what happened and that if Lucky is truly Liz’s soulmate then she needs to stand by her man.  So, Liz said she left Lucky because she needed to keep her children safe and that they had to be her number one priority.  Ok, so Carly stood by Sonny through all the gunfire and mental breakdowns and never once decided to leave him for the children’s sake.  This is where Carly and Liz are different.  Carly by nature is a more self involved than Liz.  Carly has never been what one could call practical.  Liz had her wilder younger years but since her rape they changed her character to one of the “good girls”.  She now falls under the same category as Robin and Emily.  I don’t think Liz leaving Lucky has anything to do with her loving Lucky less than Carly loves Sonny.  They are just different characters.  I see both situations as believable. 

            Another character I have no sympathy for when I think the writers mean for me to have sympathy for them is Alexis.  I just can’t muster up any any for someone who uses their illness to try and manipulate everyone around her.  There’s got to be a drinking game for the number of times we’ve had to hear how Sam needs to stay away from Jason.  Once again I ask…is it the writer’s intention to have me dislike a character who is suffering?   I can really see the family resemblance between Sam and Alexis because the two of them both have bad things happening in their lives lately and they manage to make me not care!     

            The last time I wrote I mentioned that Sam betrayed Jason by sleeping with his enemy, Ric and that Liz had never done something like that to him.  Someone wrote me to say that I was wrong and that Liz did the same thing because she was married to Ric.  This is true except for the fact that until very recently Liz and Jason never even slept together.  Liz never had the ability to hurt or betray Jason because they’ve never truly been a couple like Sam and Jason have.  Even now they aren’t considered a couple.  They both claim to be in love with other people.   Liz has done a lot of things (sleeping with Zander definitely sticks out) but I stand by what I said earlier and that Sam did betray Jason. Liz has yet to betray him in the same manner.   

            Since the blackout the eavesdropping has been out of control in Port Charles.  I realize the writers need to come up with dramatic ways to move the plot along but they are relying on eavesdropping way too much.  They’ve had Ric and Carly find out about Liz’s pregnancy that way.  Maxie used eavesdropping as a means to let Elizabeth find out about her pregnancy.  But, we also have had so many “Oh, my gosh!  Did they hear?” moments on GH lately that they have become laughable.  Alexis has yammered about Sam and Ric having sex to Lainey on more than one occasion where she thought Sam heard her.  Just the other day Liz spoke about Jason possibly being the father when Lu Lu came up behind her at the same time.  Here’s a tip.  Stop having private conversations in the middle of the nurse’s station.  Stop talking on the phone in a loud voice when you haven’t looked behind you to see if anyone is there to listen.  Stop revealing secrets in an open area like, say, the docks.  Or how about this...since eavesdropping has become a serious problem in Port Charles maybe they should choose their words more carefully when discussing something they don’t want others to know.  Here’s an example.  When Liz is talking about her pregnancy maybe she should say something like this. ”Jason, we’ll find out the answer tomorrow.”  She should not say something like this, “Jason, we’ll find out tomorrow about whether or not YOU’RE MY BABY’S DADDY or whether or not LUCKY IS MY BABY’S DADDY.”  Hear the difference?   

            My final thoughts I would give to the writers is PLEASE DO NOT LIE TO JASON AND LUCKY ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE THE FATHER OF LIZ’S BABY!!!  GET A NEW STORYLINE!!!   I already have seen this week’s episodes and of course they have already done this.  But, hey, it’s not too late to stop this storyline in its tracks!  We’ve already had Carly and her kid’s paternity in question.  We just had the Courtney pregnancy die down.  Let’s not forget Alexis’s lies about Christina.  I realize that GH is a soap and that lying about children’s paternity is one of their favorite storylines to write about but come on!