As usual General Hospital has me cheering at the screen one moment and rolling my eyes the next moment.  Itís been awhile since Iíve written and I just had some things to get off my chest. 

Sam, Alexis, Maxie and Lucky

            Wow these people are really getting on my nerves.  Sam as usual just comes off being pathetic.  She used to be a strong woman until she fell under the spell of Jason.  Now itís like she basically just exists for him.  Then thereís this crap that she puts up with from Alexis.  This is the woman that she couldnít stand until she found out she was her mother.  Why would she even listen to her opinion of Jason in the first place?  Donít even get me started on how she tries to play the victim whenever the subject of her and Rick having sex comes up.  She has other people to help her be the victim, too.  Carly and Sonny paint the situation as though Rick was the one at fault and Sam was just basically an innocent bystander. 

            Alexis is being so devious these days using her illness as an excuse to push people around.  I felt no pity for her when Sam and Rick slept together.  She pushes Rick away all the time.  Sure Rick is obsessed with Sonny right now but she has always held him at arms length.  At least Rickís motives for sleeping with Sam I could understand.   Heís devious in his own ways but at least I can understand why he is the way he is.  On top of that he probably never gets any play from Alexis.  Itís a miracle that Molly was ever born.  Those two never show affection for one another even on the days that they are getting along.  Having the scantily clad Sam run around Rickís house is enough to make any man have second thoughts about his wedding vows.  But, Alexis and her numerous requests to have Sam stop seeing Jason have me repeatedly hitting the fast forward button on my Tivo.  Until she shuts up about how dangerous Jason is I could really care less about her lung cancer.  The only bright spot in that storyline are her scenes with Sonny.  Iíve always liked those two together and miss the days when she was his lawyer. 

            Maxie used to be a sweet girl.  My how thatís changed.  She lost Jessie.  Boo-hoo.  Get over it.  Donít break up a marriage to help get over your grief.  Sheís suffers no guilt from what sheís done.  Maybe Iíd like her a little better if she did.  Letís also talk about how she stalks Liz!  She is being portrayed borderline psychotic! 

            Lucky used to be a hot guy.  He used to be a cool guy.  Now he is so far from hot and so close to a pathetic whiner that I think Liz should have slept with Jason long ago.  I mean where is the decision here?  Jason or Lucky?  Itís a no brainer!  Even before he got hooked on drugs there was all that whining about how he couldnít support his family.  Thatís not hot.  I donít understand how the writers can make such a good looking guy come across as the guy you want to smack some manliness into!   

Jason, Liz and Sam

            The scenes where Jason and Liz slept together were so steamy!  I was cheering at the screen.  Even better than that were the scenes the following day where they said they didnít regret their actions!  Oh yeah!  Itís a nice change of pace to have those characters not regret what they did.  They deserved a little happiness after seeing the people they love literally screw them over.  Those two are so cute together.  Sam should be worried.  They share a past together and, oh yes, she hasnít slept with Jasonís enemy!  I am crossing my fingers that Liz is pregnant with Jasonís baby.  I am also crossing my fingers that Liz doesnít miscarry this kid!  If those writers make Liz miscarry I think I might need to smack them around for making her pregnant for the fourth time and making her lose her third baby!  It would be a bit ridiculous to do that to a character again and again. 

            So, Jason canít stand to even look at Sam now that sheís slept with Rick.  So, why are they constantly talking and running into each other?  For such a non-couple they sure do act like a couple.  For a guy who is super pissed at his ex for sleeping with his enemy he sure is supportive of her as she deals with her motherís cancer.  Seriously, how many guys would be as nice as Jason?  Also, itís very hard to believe how betrayed he feels towards Sam when heís always around her.  He says everytime he looks at her he sees her with RickÖso I guess he is getting constant flashes of the two of them in the nude considering Sam is always in his face.  Wouldnít you avoid that person so that you wouldnít keep getting those visuals floating through your head?  Then there is Sonny who is in Jasonís face about forgiving Sam.  She slept with Rick less than a month ago and suddenly heís got to be over that?   Plus, who is Sonny to talk about forgiveness and why does he give a crap if Jason doesnít forgive Sam?  

Robin and Patrick

            Speaking of cute these two have taken a step towards a mature relationship.  I like Patrick and Robin more and more everyday.  Itís nice to see Patrick show emotions that arenít related to getting laid.  Itís also nice to see Robin be something other than Miss Cheerful in relation to her HIV.  I get tired of Robin always having to be the ďgood girlĒ.  Iím glad she could get mad and upset for once.  Sheís been living with this disease for too long and sheís bound to have her days of pessimism.  It wouldnít be natural if she didnít.  What I can do without, however, is the ďAfter School SpecialĒ feeling I get whenever Robin and Patrick discuss HIV.  Iím tired of being educated in every frigginí scene they share together.  How many times must we hear words such as cocktail, low viral level, etc.  I know a lot of people liked the character of April.  I liked how it affected the Patrick and Robin storyline but I just couldnít get into her character.  She felt too forced to me.  She just felt as though she was another element to the ďAfter School SpecialĒ sent to educate us feeble minded about the subject of HIV and AIDS.   

Tracy, Carly and LuLu

            Wow.  What is it about LuLuís character that makes Tracy and Carly so much nicer and likeable?    

Carly and Max, Carly and Sonny, Carly and Jax

            I really like Laura Wright as Carly.  Iíve always gone back and forth as to whether or not I like the character of Carly.  Lately, Iíve liked her more than I havenít liked her.  Whenever she shares scenes with any of these guys I enjoy it.  I just hope they keep Sonny and Carly friends.  Putting Sonny and Carly together as a couple again is old news.  Having them as friends is something they havenít really tried before or at least for very long.