Why I Like To Yell At My Television This WeekÖ 

Usually, I like to write about the stupid things that happen on GH that just donít make any sense.  But, I also like to point out the things that happen on GH that I wish I could either write or get the characters to say.  Usually, Iím stuck whoopiní and holleriní at the TV. as somebody finally does what I want.  My husband thinks Iím crazy but I feel better after Iíve told my TV. what I think of the current storyline or dialogue taking place on GH. 

The first thing that had me yelling at the TV. (in a good way) was Amelia telling Sam to make decision about Jason.   She told Sam to make a decision about Jason and Jake and that she needed to move on with her life.  Ha.  Itís about time Samís boss told her to get a grip.  It really seemed appropriate coming from a friend who is her boss because it makes sense that she would want her to get on with it so that Samís problems stopped affecting the show.  Oh, but wait a minute.  Amelia really isnít her friend.  Some days I wish she were because she tells Sam like it is!  Donít we all need a friend like that?   

While we are on the subject of AmeliaÖIím still not sure how I feel about his character.  I like her with Sam because she puts Sam in her place but at the same time I could really care less about her.  Then what is the deal with her telling everyone about Samís past before she carried out her plan to destroy her?  I understand Sonny found the file and she had to fess up but it seems like this whole storyline is screaming ďrewriteĒ.  What are they trying to do now with this storyline?  What is the purpose of Ameliaís character now?   

Want to know another great thing that had me yelling at the TV.?  Kate telling Carly and Sonny that their kids are out of control.  It does annoy me, though, that Carlyís only defense is to make Kate into some kind of kid hater.  Can anybody convince Carly that her kids are brats?  Thankfully, Jax is around to make Carly admit she is wrong on occasion.  I still like those two together.  But, hereís something that had me laughing at the screen in a bad way.  When Kate had to spend the night over at Sonnyís for her ďconcussionĒ why didnít she just go next door to her freakiní house and get some PJs instead of parading around Sonnyís house in his shirt?  Itís not like she lives far away.  Also, doesnít Sonny own a robe or something she could have thrown over that shirt?  The whole setup was dumb. 

As far as Kateís character goes I donít know what I think about her either. If she left town tomorrow I might not even notice.  I do like hearing about her and Sonnyís past together.  I like Sonny and Kate talking about what might have been.  But, her snobbish ways are grating.  Her stuck up ďKateĒ personality provides zero chemistry between her and Sonny.  Her snobby character only comes in handy when she is going toe to toe with Carly.  I do like Carlyís character but I also like it when people call her out on her bratty kids and over the top behavior.  In all of their arguments it always seems like Kate comes off the winner.  Why canít they do that with Carly and Alexis?  It always seems like Carly wins their arguments.   

The next thing that had me yelling at GH in a good way was Liz telling off Lucky while they were still searching for Jake.  I know Iím supposed to feel sorry for the guy but the writers really make me want to slap him.  He thought she had the baby blues?  Puh-lease.  Everybody whoís had a baby knows that you can get REAL weepy afterwards even if you arenít lying to your husband about who the real baby daddy is.  It doesnít mean you need medication just because you are emotional after giving birth.  Itís called hormones, Lucky!  They even made Lainey look stupid, too.  This was all to make Jason look like the hero, of course.  I think Iím ok with that since I do want Liz and Jason to get together but I still feel sorry for how STUPID they write Luckyís character.  Arenít I supposed to feel bad for him since heís being lied to?  He and Sam have the same problem.  The writers donít make me feel sorry for her either.   

While we are talking about Sam letís talk about that scene in the bar where Sam was really drunk about to spill the baby news to Carly.  Can somebody tell me why Carly was ready to run Sam out of town when she has always seemed to like Jason with Sam?  She canít stand Robin and Liz but Courtney and Sam seemed to be the only ones who got her vote.  What gives?  I know Sam started the fight but there was a little too much animosity from Carly that seemed to come from nowhere.  Samís animosity was understandable.  Who can date Jason without being annoyed with his ďbest friendĒ Carly?  I canít wait for Carly to find out about the baby and be all annoyed that her ďbest friendĒ Jason didnít tell her about Jake.  Iíll be yelling at the TV. in a good way again.   

My final thoughts involve hair and wardrobe.  Somebody tell me Iím wrong but donít both Maxie AND LuLu have hair extensions in?  LuLuís seemed to have been put in around the time of Carlyís wedding and they really arenít that noticeable because her hair was fairly long to begin with.  But, Maxieís hair was shorter and everyday I see her I wonder if they are ever going to come back out.  Iím a little distracted in her scenes because Iím always trying to find where her real hair ends and her fake hair begins.  Donít get me wrong.  I like Maxie with the long hair but I thought it was a Paris Hilton thing she had going on and I thought sheíd take them out after a couple of weeks.  But, theyíve stayed and for every scene sheís in Iím sitting there wondering how difficult it is to do the different hairstyles they put those things through.  Am I the only one?  Actually, as I write this I see that her old hair is back in the July 4th episode and now Iíll start wondering when theyíll be put back inÖ 

Speaking of distractions I just want to state that Lizís breasts seem to have gotten bigger.  Sure, her character just had a baby but if they want to have some realism thrown in then she should be sporting a nice little round belly to go along with those big post baby boobs.  I really noticed them the day she was wearing the gray outfit with the red sash on the day Jake was kidnapped.   

Moving on to other wardrobe distractions what was up with that white billowy shirt Alexis was wearing that looked like a pillow case?  I think wardrobe hates her.  But, at least in her case it was only one outfit that needed help.  Sam, has a whole closet that needs help.  Why do they keep putting her in these whorish, wife beater shirts?  Another way I would describe her outfits would be boring, old, tank tops.  Sometimes, these shirts are what she is wearing while sheís taping the show.  Hey, I understand if Sam has a closet full of these things but wouldnít ďEveryday HeroesĒ be able to dress her a little nicer than that? 

So, Jason and Liz have their baby back.  Iím glad it didnít drag on.  Excellent way to write off Jason so that Steve Burton can go film a movie in real life.  I canít wait until Jason comes back and tells her what he thinks about her letting Maureen run off with his kid.  I guess until he returns I just have to look forward to Sonny chewing her out.  Maybe while heís at it he can ask her if she needs some money to go buy something other than those tank tops.