Here are the topics I wanted to touch on this time… 

Control Freak Sonny           

So, here’s Sonny being the control freak again by making his old friend Connie/Kate play hopscotch in order to get back her flash drive.  Oh, isn’t that so cute?  Maybe if someone else had these cutesy little scenes I wouldn’t have such cynical thoughts.  But, this is the same guy who stormed into Carly’s house demanding that she move back in completely ignoring the fact that she’s a married woman and how weird that would be if she left Jax to go be protected by Sonny.  Here’s another tip for Sonny...stop throwing out Spinelli and Logan.  If he had talked to Spinelli he would have heard that Craig/Jerry was in his ex-wife’s house a little earlier.  Then, if he hadn’t listened to Logan soon enough he might have been sucking down some REALLY bad coffee.   

While we’re talking about Sonny’s latest control issues I want to say that I like Connie/Kate more when she’s acting like Connie.  Anytime she acts haughty I feel instant dislike.  Treating her assistant like crap will not make me like her.  Making Sonny flash those dimples and talk about the old days will make me feel connected to the character.  Making her connected to Jax on any romantic level will not make me like her either.  (I heard this was a possibility from the internet.) The whole swapping women thing has gotten old.  Jax and Sonny have shared so many women they might as well be sleeping with each other at this point.   

Twisted Sam 

            Sam busting up into Liz’s hospital room to hold the baby that she knew Liz didn’t really want her to hold made me ill.  I know how it is to have a newborn.  I know all about having those hormonal emotions coursing through your body.  I was cautious about who I had hold my kid in the very beginning.  I think my Baby’s Daddy’s girlfriend would be at the bottom of the list as to who got to hold him in the hospital…especially since that Baby’s Daddy’s Girlfriend had made it real clear that she hated me.  Then in the coffee house she wormed her way into holding the baby again and tried to shove the show concept in Liz’s face again.  (By the way, they are always feeding that baby.  He should be a porker by now if it’s the same one they always use.  Does that baby scream all the time if the bottle isn’t in his mouth or what?)  My protective Mommy instincts have been shouting at the screen.  Are they trying to turn Sam into Babe from AMC?  She loses her own baby and then tries to steal someone else’s?  The writers have a knack for making me not like Sam’s character.  Sam, Sam, Sam.  Go plan your wedding and decide if you like married life first that doesn’t involve bilking someone of their life savings and stop making plans to steal Liz’s baby!   

Circular Arguments 

            Ever have a disagreement with your spouse or your friend that just goes around and around and never gets resolved?  We’ll call them circular arguments.  GH has way too many right now.  Here we have Sonny, Jax and Carly having the same arguments.  I love Jax.  I love Sonny.  I can’t divorce Sonny.  I can’t marry Jax.  Then, we have LuLu, , Liz, Jason and Spinelli.  Give up the baby.  Claim the baby.  I feel guilty for taking your baby.  Then, moving on to Nicholas and Craig we have…I will kill you.  Just leave town.  Give me a new face.  Just leave me the antidote.  You need my connections.  No, you need my antidote.  Let’s not leave out Robin and Patrick.  I love you.  I can’t move in with you.  Stop already!  I try and take a step back and think about whether or not these circular arguments would happen in real life.  Is it realistic to have the same conversation/argument five times a day?  I think about the disagreements that my husband and I have.  There are plenty of things that we don’t agree on.  Do we discuss them as much as these soap characters do?  I think the reality factor that is missing from these circular arguments is the amount of time and energy these characters have to spend on one freakin’ topic.  In real life people have kids and jobs.  These things stop normal people from having the same conversation 24 hours a day.  So, is it realistic that these characters keep talking about the same problem over and over again?  I guess.  But, the realism ends when I turn on my TV on a Friday and hear Carl have the same conversation that she had on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Oh, and she’s probably wearing the same outfit, too.  Maybe my example is an exaggeration but you get my point.  The writers need to be original and stop photocopying the same dialogue to use on another day.  Thank goodness Carly finally married Jax so that one circular argument could end. 

Robin and Patrick in a Bubble 

            So, Nicholas gets cured and now suddenly Robin and Patrick have no storyline.  Nicholas and Emily are still hanging in there because she is Craig’s new “hostage”.  It’s like Sonny and his gang have stolen the beefy storyline from everyone else.  Now, that the big bad mobsters know who Craig is they’ll be handling things from here on out.  Patrick and Robin have been sent back to their doctor jobs.  Sorry, Patrick and Robin because now you guys are back to having your lame living arrangements storyline again.  Are we at least going to get a conversation between Robin and Sonny where she explains why she didn’t tell her friend that Craig was in town tormenting her and Nicholas?  It’s like we have two separate Mr. Craig storylines going on here because up until this week when Emily talked to Jason and Jax talked to Nicholas there are been two separate groups of people trying to deal with Craig with very little overlap.  I realize that for awhile it was all a big secret but now everybody knows and should be able to discuss things and have some more interaction.  From what I understand Robin and Patrick have some serious fan support so why not do a little more for them?  Stop keeping them in their own little bubble.  The show is much more interesting when the characters are allowed to interact with a variety of people.   

Likeable Maxie 

            I think something crazy happened this week.  I think I began to like Maxie’s character.  I’m diggin’ the long extensions, too.  They make her appear more angelic and less of a homewrecker.  I think the change came when she gave her speech to Cooper about not wanting him to leave.  It was something about how good he was to her and how she didn’t deserve him.  She said all she had to do to keep him in her life was a little scheming.  They need to keep giving her dialogue like that.  Make her likeable but with an edge!  I think it helps that they took her storyline away from Lucky.  Hard to like a girl giving pills to a guy to make him sleep with her.  Then there’s sweet, little, vault robber Cooper.  Having Cooper care about Maxie makes her more human.  Even though, I couldn’t stand Maxie and Lucky’s storyline I wish they would make the two of them cross paths.  It makes her relationship with Cooper more believable if I understand where she stands with her former obsession.   

Creepy Skye           

Don’t get me wrong.  I like Skye standing up for herself and taking action so that she can get her daughter back.  But, watching her sleep with Lorenzo and give him goo-goo eyes knowing she’s setting him up to be killed makes me a little nauseous.  Evil Al has been written so that he looks like the “bad” mobster now.  I guess that’s so Jason and Sonny won’t look like they’re the “bad” mobsters when they kill him.  It was justified, right?  He tried to poison Sonny among other things so he takes the award for “The Most Evil Character on GH as of Right Now”.  That’s the way the game is played, right?  The Most Evil Character always gets bumped off.  It just took the writers a little while to make him look like the worse villain because we all know it wasn’t so long ago that Lorenzo was helping Skye to deliver their baby after she ran away.  Then they sent the baby away to cut down on all the cutesy little doting father images the audience might have lingering in their heads.  That’s really what makes me nauseous, I guess.  She’s going to have to explain to her daughter how she got her daddy killed one day.  Hey, but I get it…he’s evil.  It must be done.  Sigh.