20 Questions

            Let’s play a game of twenty questions…my version anyway.  These are the questions I asked myself as I watched the hostage situation play out: 

  1. Why when Jason went after Mr. Craig did he seem like a hot bad-ass but yet when Lucky went after Mr. Craig he came across as just plain pathetic?
  2. Why do I feel zero sympathy for Sam not being able to have kids even after she was so nice to Elizabeth in the hotel?
  3. Why is Sam being touted as a hero when she gave the police like a 3 second warning and only about 3 people were seen running out of the building before it exploded?
  4. Why was it so hard for the police to find LuLu when it seemed as though she was only five feet from the front door when Luke carried her out?
  5. Why was it more chilling to watch the priest cut the bad guy’s throat verses anything Mr. Craig did the entire 16 hours he had a room full of hostages?
  6. Did Max have a bullet proof vest on that enabled him to stay so strong and upbeat after getting shot in the shoulder?
  7. Why did Carly and Sonny choose to do the dirty deed instead of going to see their children who were worried that they were possibly dead? 
  8. Why did Carly and Sonny choose to do the dirty deed instead of going to check up on people they care about such as Max, LuLu or Robin?
  9. Why must the writers put Carly and Sonny back together for the 456th time?
  10. Why did it seem as though no one (Carly, Sonny, Sam, etc.) believed that Jason was capable of dying when the police were giving up on finding survivors?
  11. Why didn’t the audience get to see Sonny getting beat up?
  12. Has no one mentioned Robert or Anna because they died again and I missed it?
  13. Why did Mac let everyone else make the decisions for him when he’s the police commissioner? 
  14. Why does Skye care so much about Alcazar now when she ran away from him while pregnant?
  15. Why can’t there be more scenes involving Tracy, Luke, Milo, Spinelli and Dillon like the one they had in the hospital as they fought over LuLu?
  16. Can Robin and Patrick get any cuter together?
  17. Why can’t the writers show Sonny and Jason giving a crap for their former loves Robin and Emily when one got shot and the other was missing for awhile in the rubble or can these characters only care about one person at a time?
  18. Why was Noah there for the beginning of the hostage crisis and after that disappeared especially during a time when they would have needed him to help care for the injured?  
  19. Why did they choose now to introduce such an overbearing character (Dr. Russell, right?  I can’t even be bothered to remember the guy’s name.) instead of letting someone else that we care about be more a part of the hostage crisis?
  20. Is there a way that we can keep Mr. Craig around?

I realize that some of my questions are rhetorical.  We as the audience know how these shows are run.  I know TPTB can’t make everyone happy and I must say that despite all the questions I had while watching this month I was still glued to the TV.  Way to go GH writers…just work on answering those questions listed above.