Please note:  Heather wrote this column right after the Thanksgiving episode, but my email program inadvertently misdirected it to a folder I rarely check, so it went unnoticed until recently.  It's a good column and I thought you would all enjoy it, so here it is, along with my apologies to Heather.

Thanksgiving?  What Thanksgiving? 

It was pretty painful to watch the Thanksgiving GH episode.  Painful to watch because there were families such as the Quartermaines who were given very little to do other than whine about their precious Jason possibly being dead…again.  It was painful to watch all the Quartermaines…especially Ned pop up only to be used as a prop for Jason’s storyline.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love me some Jason but I would have traded some Jason air time for some good old quality GH family time.  Where were Anna, Robert, Robin and Mac?  This was the first time the Scorpio brothers have been together for a Thanksgiving in a long time.  Would it have been too hard for the writers to have given us a measly scene?  Patrick could have hung out with the Scorpios and shared a few laughs.  Maybe they could have even dragged Noah there.   How about Carly and her kids?  Would it have been too hard for Carly to enjoy some friggin turkey without having to think about Sonny for a day?   Maybe they could have all gathered around and tried to cheer Christina up.  Maybe they could have written in some funny scenes with Max.  Would it have been too hard to have Liz skip being Jason’s nursemaid for a couple of hours and hang out with the Spencers some more?  Sure, Jason was suffering from a gunshot wound but Laura was getting ready to slip back into her drool state forever.  Liz could have given Jason’s manly and muscular, wounded thigh a sponge bath later.  This is coming from a person who absolutely LOVES the Liz and Jason storyline.  If I can sacrifice some Liz and Jason air time then surely the writers can do the same.   

On a side note, I absolutely loved the fact that Sam was all alone in jail on Thanksgiving.  What is wrong with me you say?  It’s the writers fault.  They have made me dislike Sam. I’m sure it was their intention with their sappy little musical montage to have me feel sorry for Sam and Jason that they weren’t together but they ended up making me chuckle at their separation.  Could the writers be doing something wrong you say?  Oh, yeah, I’d say so. 

The Spencers, who were the only ones given any real family time on Thanksgiving got short changed, too.  They put up the Christmas tree and then next thing you know Laura was asking to go back to Shadybrook.  What was the point?   Give me something people.  They didn’t even get to eat.  They didn’t even have Laura’s mother or Bobbie there.  What, too many characters on one day equals too many paychecks to write?  Could they not afford even one full family?   

On a random note I don’t think if I was LuLu’s age and had done what she did to Dillon…I don’t think I’d be confessing my sins to anyone who would listen.  Am I glad she feels guilty over what she did?  Sure.  But, one scene really sticks out in my mind when she was talking with her brothers about the “Dillon incident”.  She was babbling about how was her mother ever going to like her when she had tricked Dillon into having sex with her, abortion…blah, blah, blah.  I don’t think I heard anything after that because I began to cringe.  I thought about the fact that real life brothers would be grossed out to hear their baby sister talking about having sex with a boy.  Especially, a boy she tricked into bed.  I have two older SISTERS and I know they wouldn’t want to hear me talk about some guy I tricked into bed.  I’m the baby in the family just like LuLu and they don’t want to have images of that in their head.  Come to think of it…if they knew I lied to get some guy to sleep with me they would make so much fun of me I’d have to hear about it until the day I died.  So, once again that just brings me back to my original point.  It doesn’t seem realistic that she’s constantly talking about this stuff with people.  One day it’s her brothers, the next day it’s her professor.  She needs to have some restraint.  The next time she tells somebody what she did they need to run away from her screaming, “TMI! TMI! TMI! ”.  

My final thoughts concern eavesdropping.  I wrote about it last time and said that the whole eavesdropping thing was getting out of control.  I think this week it seems to have calmed down.  But, we did have Liz look Jason dead in the face and say, “It’s our baby, Jason!” only to have him forget about it later.  So, I have concluded that if you want people to learn about important stuff you need to forget the direct approach.  Just wait until they overhear you talking and then they’ll find out whatever it is that you want them to know.