It’s been a year since I returned to the GH fold and I’ve only regretted it about 15 of the 52 weeks.  That’s a majority, so I’m staying tuned in for now.   I originally turned back to ABC because I’d heard whispers of Jason losing his memory again and so I was intrigued, hoping beyond hope that he would remember being a Quartermaine.  Alas, when all was said and done, the storyline served no purpose other than getting Jason and Sam engaged.  I presume this wouldn’t have happened if Jason wasn’t amnesic at the time as he revoked the engagement approximately 9 months later.  Certainly nothing else changed-same mobster Jason before and after the memory loss.  That’s something this crew of writers does well—playing out a storyline that’s been done before only to have nothing whatsoever change when said storyline is finished.  If you’d like an example, please flip to entry “Paternity Reveals with Carly and Robin” in your General Hospital viewer’s guide.  While there, spend some time also reading up on “Evil gangster comes to town to ruin resident Good gangsters’ coffee business” and “Sonny falls in love with a petite brunette.” 

There are many reasons why I’ve chosen to continue watching General Hospital and the above cited entries certainly aren’t them.  If you’d like to hear a few of my main ones, then I’ll order you up a bowl of Kelly’s special chili and we can sit down at the table by the jukebox. 

I like Laura Wright.  That does not mean, in any way shape or form, that I like Carly Roberts Quartermaine Corinthos Alcazar.  Most of the time I loathe her with the passion of Sonny in confined quarters.  Laura Wright, however, I can appreciate.  She’s got some great acting chops and has an excellent handle on how to play Carly like Carly.  Now, if TPTB would just keep Carly and Robin on other sides of Port Charles, never to have a shriekfest again, I might even forgive them for not making her serve time for being an accessory to baby snatching.  Might. 

The potential of a Robin/Patrick/Nikolas triangle is exciting.  Robin and Patrick, in just this last week, made me want to root for the pairing again with both actors’ solid performances.  Both let others see their true feelings in glimpses and so I’m willing to consider the match again.  I’d hung it out to dry with Patrick’s prickness and Robin’s refusal to admit she wanted anything more but now I’d like to see where it goes.  Especially if all the cute scenes of Robin and Nikolas’ friendship can be explored and romantically enhanced as well.  Robin being torn between a man who respects her, shows it, and is a longstanding friend and a man who is falling for her, eventually admits it, and tries to woo her back could make potentially awesome soap. 

The teens are all destined to be powerhouse players.  I love these four actors.  Okay, well maybe I’m just starting to love Diego as Ignacio only learned how to act after his prison stay.  But still, he’s got great chemistry with Lulu but also knows just what Georgie isn’t getting from Dillon and plays on that.  I loved Georgie since she was first SORAS’d and was a diehard Georgie/Dillon fan.  But I have no idea how they can bounce back from this and I plan to hope against hope that they will, even if it takes years.  Hey, I waited around for Sonny and Brenda to get back together forever and eventually got my reward.  Soon to be followed by a bride left at the altar, a mental breakdown, and my eyes losing their virginity to couch sex.  But I did get the reunion, however brief it was.   

The return of the FAMILY to General Hospital.  I know we still don’t have enough family scenes.  I know that musical montages are still ending with guns drawn.  But we are getting some morsels of familial bonding.  Carly and Lulu actually talked.  Bobbie threw a party for Nikolas.  The Jones/Scorpios had a graduation party.  Robin, Anna, and Robert have twice been in the same place at the same time.  Edward ripped into Jason for Justus’ death.  These are all things to thank your pretty stars over a naked skinny-dipping Diego for.  I for one am happy for these moments when they grace us and wish higher ratings for the show whenever they appear.   

Here’s to another year of GH love.  And yes, I’m keeping my fingers crossed

By: The Gourmez

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