Why, oh why, did Lulu say she couldn’t trust Georgie to keep Luke’s location a secret because Scorpio’s her uncle and she might tell him.  Wuh-huh?  With one single throwaway line, I find my memory once again assaulted by the same writers who’d probably hook-up Tracy and Alan after a round of tequila shots.  Georgie Jones Quartermaine is not, in any way shape or form, related to Robert Scorpio.  She is not biologically related to Mac Scorpio, though she may call him “Dad” or “Uncle Mac” from time to time.   I’ll even take a leap and say, maybe, just maybe, Georgie could feel some sort of connection to Robert because of his and Frisco’s WSB ties but it’s much more likely that she’d just commiserate with Robin over being the discarded children of spies than feel any loyalty to him.  Heck, I don’t think Georgie’s even been formally introduced to him.  There was absolutely no reason for Lulu to say that—what was to be gained by trampling over history for the sole purpose of a filler line in conversation?  I don’t get it. 

I do, however, get John Ingle.  Did anyone else dance a little jig when he walked in the door?  Did you then immediately forget he had ever been gone?  It’s just so pleasant to hear his voice mix in with the rest of the peanut gallery as Dillon and Georgie argued.  I also loved that the unhappy newlyweds didn’t even think of taking their argument somewhere private.  They hardly acknowledged the vultures at all—which clearly says to me that these two are going to make it through thick and thin.  If they can successfully mute out the Quartermaines, they can face all obstacles.  Emily has way more practice than either Georgie or Dillon and she was afraid to face the family at all last week.   

I am ecstatic that Georgie has stopped apologizing for her friendship with Diego.  What I admire about the character most is her willingness to stick with her principles and still not come across as a goody-to-shoes.  She’d been less vibrant for the past few months, constantly pledging to stay away from Diego even though she knew he needed a friend.  When she admitted it all to Dillon, it’s like her spirit came roaring back in and I was nearly blown down by the force of it.  It helps that I believe people can reform—excluding certain brain-damaged janitors and Greek matriarchs, of course. 

It was nice to see Robin actually step out of the hospital.  Has she left the place since she brought Patrick in to perform surgery on Jason?  Oh wait, there was a date or two with the young Casanova.  Let me try a new question.  Has Robin talked to anyone but Patrick since she came back to Port Charles?  Don’t get me wrong, I like the budding romance, but I also like variety.  And I like seeing the well groomed Prince cavorting with all the eligible women in town.  I think he has a bit more chemistry with Robin than Maxie—could be a fun quadrangle! 

My jaw-dropping moment of the day:  “I could stay another day, maybe.”  Poor, poor Robert.  He really has no idea how to be a father, does he?  Way too make your daughter feel like an afterthought.  He’ll have to actually choose Robin over the job to prove himself and I can’t picture how that will happen.  Maybe Anna will beat some sense into him?  Tie him up with a sexy negligee?  Fight over who has the most sumptuous accent while handcuffing each other to the….I digress.  Really, though, I don’t think I could handle it if he left the job and then ultimately went back to it.  It nearly broke my heart when Frisco flipped that light switch the second time.  I think I was nine. 

Can’t wait for May Sweeps!  With Robert and Edward sharing the screen all in one day, I don’t know how much more thrilling GH can get.  Which only goes to show how low my expectations have fallen over the years.  But now that Sonny and Jason have broken up, I hear the trumpets sounding the coming Apocalypse and I’m sure we have much more excitement to come.  I almost forget about the two parentages still to be revealed!  Those are always a good time. 

By: The Gourmez


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