Do you suppose that’s what Jason Thompson (Dr. Patrick Drake) said when he saw the script for Thursday’s episode.  I seriously doubt it!  I’m sure when he read that he was scheduled to film fantasy love scenes (or rather, seriously hot lust scenes) with five gorgeous women he thought to himself, “This acting gig was definitely the way to go.  So glad I didn’t go with either of my secondary career choices – actuarial accounting or dog grooming.”  I know that actors always say that those scenes are just “all in a day’s work” and pretty uncomfortable to film while surrounded by a bevy of crew members, but I’m sure that being pursued by a string of young lovelies made for a pretty memorable day.  All of the actors involved seemed to be having a great time. 

The fantasy sequences were quite entertaining.  I found myself laughing out loud at some parts.  I loved the continuity of Patrick’s shirt being ripped open by each woman in turn until he finally ripped it open himself.  I was also intrigued by seeing which of the pairings seemed to generate real onscreen heat.  I’m sure different viewers have different reactions but I thought the most heat was actually with Elizabeth and with Lainey.  (For clarity’s sake – I mean each of these women with Patrick ….. not with each other!)  This surprised me because I enjoy Liz and Lucky together and have no desire to see them split up and because I have never noticed a real hot quotient in any of the scenes Lainey had with Justus.  I know that Robin and Patrick are moving toward being a couple and while she does a marvelous job of portraying emotional vulnerability, I just wasn’t getting a sexy vibe from their interaction.   

My favorite fantasy sequence was the one where the petite five-some had all passed out from their rapid fire consumption of tequila shots since they each have a miniscule tolerance for hard liquor as a result of their low body weight.   Coleman loads them all into taxis bound for home just as the curvy, well-adjusted, moderately attractive, middle aged mom comes in for a drink.  (Don’t worry about who’s watching her children – after all, this is a fantasy!)  Patrick is close behind and falls into a conversation with the aforementioned mom about his terrible day and the death of his patient.  With her wealth of experience in healing boo-boos, soothing hurt feelings, and providing comfort and nurturance, she is able to ease his pain and send him on his way home as well.  This leaves the mom and Coleman in the bar alone and this is when the heat goes WAY up.  You say you don’t recall this sequence………Oh, I’m sorry - this wasn’t the one that aired, it was just the one that went through my mind.  You’ll have to trust me on this one – it was a lot sexier than anything that you saw on screen. 

I’m enjoying GH more lately than I have in a long time and hope that you are too.  Happy viewing!

By Susan