The Problem As I See It

Romance...Love...Sharing....Caring....Family.  All this Used to be a hallmark of General Hospital.  We had Families, albeit many dysfunctional ones but even there at their Core there was Love.  What we have now is a Core Family that should not be the Anchor.  GH viewers may point to Sonny Corinthos as the patriarch of Port Charles.....which is where I believe the problem lies.  He should never have been put in that exalted position.  He is a MOBSTER.  He is a MURDERER.  As gifted as Maurice Bernard is as an actor, his character was better suited as the antagonist for the citizens of PC....Not as the anti-hero he is today.  Everything revolves around His activities....where does that leave the Other families who reside in the same city?  The Quartermaines....once Proud and Loud and Boisterous and Outrageous....have been reduced to window dressing trotted out once in a blue moon.  The Scorpios...PCPD Commissioner...once Proud and Productive and Respected...has been reduced to chasing after Sonny and his goons with total ineffectiveness.  Audrey Hardy....Bobbie Spencer....Tony Jones, now sadly deceased.....all sadly misused and lost in the shadow of the Sonny/Carly/Jason Obsession that makes up the current regime and therefore the Family central to what happens to the rest of the citizens living in PC.  I have noticed a definite shift in emphasis to the "Sonny" side of life.  He who just a few weeks ago was rejecting any help for his bipolar illness is now dispensing Wise advice to his subjects....a recovery that is a phenomenon!

The only characters that have a slim chance of making a break from this tired cycle are Skye, Lorenzo, Patrick, and Robin.  Finally having a storyline for Skye that showcases her need to protect her cherished and unexpected baby....the complicated relationship she has with the baby's father, Lorenzo....her desperate flight from her family and friends to insure their safety. ....a great start to much more drama ahead.  Skye....a character with heart.....intelligence...vulnerability has been paired  with an arrogant, powerful, complex man in Lorenzo.  Their relationship started where the foundation was based on Friendship.  Skye had No friends just a disjointed relationship with the Quartermaines..a love/distrust/annoyance type of family tie.  With the advent of a child of her own and possibly a chance for a real family to share with the irrepressible Lorenzo....the possibilities are endless. The marvelous Skye will get to sink her teeth into a Real story for a Real situation tailor made for this extremely interesting character.

Robin & Patrick bring us full circle Back to the Hospital where the Center of Activity Used to Be.  We see more than just mob related injuries attended there and the Virus Story was riveting in its early stages until it got bogged down by Carly & Jason's silly antidote caper.  Much more interaction could have been interjected with Monica, Alan, Tony, Bobbie and the rest of the GH staff  to find the antidote with Intelligence rather that stupidity outside of the Hospital....but that is what we have come to expect from GH. Unrealistic stories centered around a fortunate few who dominate Every Storyline.  As a viewer I Want Love, Adventure, Drama, Heartbreak, Reunion....tempered with a realism that can be a bit outrageous but still watch worthy.....but most importantly I want Honesty in story telling.  I want to Believe in the characters who are central to the Core.  I want stories where the Good Guys Win once in a while....isn't that what happens in Real life?  Watching General Hospital you would think it works the Other Way.