I really enjoyed Thursday’s episode. That is because it had all of the great fun with the ladies drinking tequila, plus the drama with Sam, Jason, Carly & Durant. That made for a great episode. I thoroughly enjoyed the scenes with Robin, Kelly, Liz, Emily & Laine drinking. There were some parts that were a little forced, but I enjoyed the scene because it rang true with how ladies nights out can get! You get a bit loud, talk about men, and go home and regret the drinking later! 

I actually enjoyed the character of Emily much more during that episode than I have in a very long time. Too bad they can’t give us a drunk Emily everyday. She might be easier to take. It was good to see her let loose a little bit instead of the one with all of the drama and crying all of the time. I even enjoyed her scene with Sonny when she got home. I haven’t enjoyed a scene with those two since they got together. I think it was great that they put into the scenes the crazy things you say when you are drunk that you completely forget/regret the next day. I know I have before…especially that voicemail message I left for a friend/coworker while a bit tipsy. But, that is another story for another time! 

I absolutely enjoyed the fantasies they all had with Patrick. They were all so funny. Of course on every one of those scenes he had to have his shirt ripped open. I could definitely take more of Dr. Drake with his shirt ripped open! He has great chemistry with all of the ladies, and probably could have chemistry with a fence post. I loved the ladies faces when he actually showed up at the bar. They were sitting there fantasizing about him & wondering if he was really standing there or they were imagining that too. Pure greatness! 

I could enjoy TPTB putting more of that meaningless fun on our screens from time to time. It was a nice break from all of the drama. I am enjoying the adventure with Luke, Holly & Robert. But, it was good that TPTB put other fun in the show too. They haven’t had a ladies night out in quite awhile. They actually enjoyed themselves, and the great thing was – no one got shot! 

I had high hopes for the bachelor auction. I was hoping it would be a great time and lots of fun – like the ladies night out. But, it didn’t really do anything for me. It was pretty boring. They weren’t even auctioned off. They choose their names out of a bowl….WTF?? I usually thought auctions always had bidding going on & the prize going to the highest bidder. I don’t know why anyone didn’t think of that kind of an auction with the bowl before….. maybe it is because that is a raffle. Plus, you can usually buy raffle tickets for something like $5. How in the world did they make enough money to do a surgical wing for Tony Jones? I guess that is a pet peeve of mine….I work for a non-profit…at work we do charity auctions & things, so I know how those things are run, & that wasn’t an auction! Could have been so much more fun to see the ladies having a bidding war over all those sexy guys! Just think….a bidding war between Robin & Carly over someone like Patrick. Wow, what fun could that have been - to have a great, old-fashioned catfight between two women over a sexy doctor. Wonder who would have won that one? I guess we will never know. 

I hope we have more of this….the great drama and some of the meaningless fun. Makes it sound like old school GH a bit, doesn’t it?

By Nikki H.

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