Maxie and Lucky and Liz and All Things In Between


Good Lord, what a mess GH has made of this Maxie/Lucky/Liz thing.  I’ve got nothing against a good drug addled sleeping around story.  Those who are all up in arms were probably the same ones who loved Alan trying to kill Monica all those years ago, who hold Monica “Rick has something with me he never had with you Leslie.  Passion.  A passion you couldn’t begin to equal.” and Alan as the ultimate love story.  Pfft.  Sleeping around has been a soap staple for years.  If done right, it’s worth seeing.  But it's NOT being done right.


Personally, I think Greg Vaughn and Kristin Storm have chemistry.  No really.  I do.  I could see these two characters bonding over Jessie's death.  And I seriously thought this would be a hot story for them both.  But for that to have happened, we should have seen Lucky & Maxie falling onto the bed in the throes of passion, not one little kiss, then they hop under the covers.  Please.  No one gives in to forbidden lust under the covers!  Why didn’t we see the drugs taking effect on Lucky, then the attraction he has for Maxie taking over.  There should have been clothes flung around the room! And the return scene opening with Lucky slowly, regretfully pulling the comforter over Maxie (you know, so we don’t see ‘em nekkid), with the realization of what he’d just done all over his face.  Then he should have been quickly pulling on his clothes to get out of there, while Maxie spouted her nonsense about “we needed each other Lucky.”  Instead we have Lucky laying there while Maxie grins like a demented Cheshire cat, looking guilty and defeated.  *This* is supposed to pull me in?


And Maxie knocking the gearshift with her arm when he pulled her over for a kiss?  Pfft.  You know what we all expected when we heard that spoiler.  Her crawling into his lap, straddling him and knocking that gearshift with her foot!  Sheesh.  If you’re going to torture us with our beloved Lucky cheating on his soul mate, then at *least* make it hot!  Give us a reason to believe that he’d be doing this!  Not because she brings him drugs, but because she’s a hot little thing that has a crush on him, and that feeds his battered little ego (which we all know, stems from the brainwashing Helena gave him.  THAT’S why Lucky is such a schmuck since his return.).  And let's see that shirtless chest darnit! HIS!  (No.  I'm not obsessed with the idea of a shirtless Greg Vaughn.  Whatever gave you that idea?)  We should be getting “Run to You” by Bryan Adams.  But we're getting Animotion's "Obession" instead.  And I for one feel gypped.


 Where’s the backstory?  Where’s the reasoning?  Why should we buy this?  It could have been such a great story, tied into hs drug addiction, but nooooooo.  We get Maxie talking about how she's "dating Lucky."  Uh no girlfriend, you aren't dating anyone, you're stalking him with drugs.  I'm just glad Cameron doesn't own a little white bunny.   I should be estatic!  Lucky and Liz - getting a story!  But I'm not.  I don't even feel conflicted anymore.  Frankly, I'm beginning to just not care. 


And that's what TPTB ought to be worried about.




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